Fox Glaciers I - Scenic Helicopter Flight, Lake Matheson, Gillespies Beach

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Franz Josef Glacier Scenic Helicopter Flight

This was a last minute addition to our itinerary. At first I was hesitant about it cos I felt that the price is a lil steep for something that last for thirty minutes, but the danna thought that since we're already there, might as well we just go for it. We made the booking shortly before we left for the airport here.

All ready for a once in a lifetime experience!

Up and away we go~

View from the top!

We landed on the glacier and were allowed to roam around for a few minutes. Of cos we made use of every precious second we have to take 32847328 pictures with the surreal view!

Did we regret splurging on this? Heli-no!

Lake Matheson 

We're blessed with a good weather and it sure made the whole ninety minutes walk a lot more bearable.

The mirror views of Aoraki/Mount Cook and Mount Tasman - something that this lake is famous for.


Gillespies Beach

The drive to get the beach was quite an adventure, it was a one-way twisty old road with no street lights at all! I was Danna's second pair of eyes, ensuring that he goes real slow all the time.

We've seen the glaciers, mountains, and lake in the day, and then out of nowhere, there's a beach. It's hard to believe this place offers many different landscapes within a short distance from one another.

Of cos you gotta see it to believe it! Here's this secluded beauty, the shores are filled with flat stones and black sands. It was windy and I was hugging myself all the way, teeth chattering from the cold.

Just in time for sunset. The most beautiful one I've witnessed in my entire life.... :)

Best part about this beach? We had the whole beach to place to ourselves! Not so great part? The journey back was a nightmare! It was absolutely pitch black and the sheep are totally minding their own business, roaming around the narrow road. Thank God we made it thru without any sheep harmed:p

& just before we called it a day...

..stargazing! Diamond dust all over the dark sky 

Oh how I miss you, NZ...

xoxo, N

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