Being a Mrs

Monday, December 19, 2016

It's been a month now!

Seems like everyone's fav question is - "how's married life?"/"what's the best part of being married?" Not quite sure what people expect me to answer that. I mean, it's been just thirty days since I changed my status here? I've asked some people the same question before and when they everything feels like cloud nine and things like that it makes me roll my eyes so hard I can see my brain. lol

I won't tell ya the answer for the first question but I do have an answer for the second one. The best part about being married now is that we're staying alone in our own house!

I love how I can wake up at whatever time I want to, come home so late at night or at times choose to sleepover at my mum's or my friend's place and not come home at all. & no one can say/do anything about it. The danna doesn't restrict my movements so much so it's all fun! I've listened to a million horror stories about living with in-laws and I'm so thankful we don't have to go through any of it. PHEW

However, on the other hand, living without our parents means that I have to prepare my own meals every single day. Now that, my friends, is NO fun. I'm sure if you've read my older entries you'd know how much I hate cooking. T_T. Not that danna demands for food to be served on the table three times daily, he's cool with eating outside but I guess it's just the wife in me that wants to whip up a decent meal for my husband. For now, most of the time that means fried rice or instant noodles :p

& it's not helping when my mom asks me what I've cooked for her darling son-in-law all the time. She sends me photos of her dishes over whatsapp it's driving me nuts. Two days back, she decided to let me and the whole wide world know what she's having for lunch on Facebook.........

Times like this I question my life decisions and got me thinking whether or not it is really THAT great to live without my parents. T_T

xoxo, N 

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