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Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'm back!!

I've sooooo much to share on my honeymoon! Oh what an adventure it has been. I spotted more rainbows, shooting stars and milky way during this trip than I ever had in my entire life! Danna and I spent many nights watching the stars at wee hours of the morning and witnessed beautiful landscapes as we explore vast wilderness in the day. We get up close and personal with lots of penguins and seals (for free!) and went hiking literally in both rain & shine! We slept in backpacker rooms, motels, even did glamping (like this!) but mostly on our foldable bed inside our small yet cosy campervan.

To sum it up, my honeymoon feels a lot like Amazing Race + Survivor + Fear Factor for me. 
Have I mentioned that I can strike off skydiving off my bucket list already? Hands down the craziest thing I've ever done. Or maybe second craziest. I'll have to put getting married as the first. ha ha ha

So anyway! 17 days went by in a flash. The days felt long but the weeks seem short. 
So glad we did this together...

...and with Fiq too! He helped with our post-wed shoots. Can't wait to view and share them all here!

xoxo, N

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