Be My Bridesmaid?

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Met the bffs last week & I passed the girls their bridesmaid kit together with this pretty card..

At the back of the card I have personalised message for them printed in pink foil, made with love by yours truly :D

Oh and obviously I don't take no as an answer hehehe

The first thing they did as soon as they got their kit tsk tsk kids nowadays with their IG story and Snapchat segala! Hariz was busy recording everything, saying nak buat kenangan when he's away :/

Totally forgot to take a picture of what's inside the kit but here's my favorite. A collage of my fav highlights of our friendship of twelve years! I actually got teary as I was doing it, can't believe we've all grown up so much together. So many things have changed but we still stick with each other. :')

Here they are, my three beautiful bridesslavesmaids! 

Fina, whom I've known since I was six. Schoolmates in both primary and secondary school. We started off as enermies hahaha I remember how I can't stand it when she first join my clique in secondary school. We start to get close after all the lepak-after-school sessions and she was the first friend I traveled with! Someone who is always honest with her opinions and I love her for that.

Lysa, my classmate since Sec 1 and we also didn't have a good start. Only got closer when we were in secondary three and we had a tiff after he went out with this crush of mine lol lol. One of my fav travelling buddy cos just like me she screams YOLO. Someone I can ALWAYS count on when I'm down. There's plenty of times when she came down to see me at ungodly hrs just to lend me a pair of ears and shoulder to cry on 

Ira, my sweet darling. The first person I talked to when I was in secondary school. We were classmates throughout secondary school and even got into the same course in Poly. We were inseparable that even our friends thought we were sisters, especially with our bangs. Another friend I'm thankful to have cos I know I can just open up to her about anything and everything.

True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. 

Love you guys!

xoxo, N

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