Countdown #1

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I guess I can say that my wedding preparation has been a smooth journey so far. (Thank you God!) My parents are such darlings and they're really accommodative to most of my requests. Both the kareshi and I are really blessed to have their full support, despite the many snide remarks from other family members that they have to put up with.

From the start of the planning, we've set clear expectations of what we want for the wedding and we hold on strongly to it. After all, the wedding is fully paid using our hard earned money so it only makes sense that we get things done our desired way. Lucky for us, we have all the vendors that are ranked #1 in our dream-vendors list to make up the dream team, working for our dream wedding.

The past few weeks was packed with site visits and meetings with our major vendors. All went well except for one in particular......

As expected from my previous post, yes I'm talking about my deco vendor.

Throughout the two long hours of discussion with them, I just find something's amiss. During the previous meetup with the other owner some months back, it also seems to me that we don't speak the same language as he keeps on making changes to our ideas. Of cos we welcome suggestions, I mean they're really good at what they do, but to completely shut me down by saying a straight no in my face is such a turn off.

At one point he even questioned my choice of venue, saying it's too big for a wedding, the ceiling is too high and it'd look empty with just 20 tables bla bla bla. Seriously, what even?!?

Since our venue has a lot of restrictions, we have no choice but to top up $$$. We were told that he will send us a revised quotation by the following week but as expected, we did not. -_-

We then went around looking for other vendors and talked to a few like Signature and Vynella to compare what they offer in their package and started having thoughts of ditching our deco vendor. It was only after the recent meetup when we were told to top up another almost $3K(!!!) that we were convinced that this is not the team we want to work with anymore and decided to let them go.

I may not have a pleasant experience with them - from unreplied text messages (depends on who you liase with) to sending me other clients' invoices(not once or twice but I actually received seven that don't belong to me...) and other stuff I rather not say here, but if you were to ask me would I recommend them, my answer is a yes.

We liased with Uncle Idil only after the other guy didn't reply to my email/texts and he has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, he is always on time!! So that's number one.

Number two, I mean, just look at this???

Fyi, according to Uncle Idil their deco package now starts from $6.5K, which is $2K more than what we signed up for last year. :o :o

Okay all that aside, here's some updates for this month!


Our towels have arrived! However the boxes with my designs on it were of the wrong size, booohoooo.

So we are now waiting for the new ones to come before our friends and my family get down to work work work work work. If the new batch are still not in the right sizes, then Plan B is to get those brown paper bags from SKP.

Interview at ROMM

No one is more excited for this day than my own dad. He even wore his baju kurung top....

...and songkok okay.

He kept asking me what questions will they be asking macam lah I'm the one who pernah nikah before. Before he went into the room for the interview he reminded me of which mahzab we follow and etc etc


By the way the entire process was pretty straight forward. We arrived at 8.30am and get called up for verification purposes less than ten minutes later. My dad was called in first for the interview followed by us two.

Funny incident that happened in the room when it's my turn to angkat sumpah. I was asked to put my right hand up and then the Ustaz started by saying Bismillah.

There was a pause so I waited for him. He looked up and gazed at me. I also look back lah.....

 "Sakina tolong ikut bacaan saya ya..."


Outfits selection with ISHQ

Right after our ROMM interview, we rushed to Oxley Hub for.......

I was more excited about this part of the day bcos... well cos duh! I didn't have anything in mind, didn't even bother to look thru Ishq's IG to view their collections. I told myself that when I see the right dress, I will JUST know it teehee

We were greeted by the warm and friendly Lina (ladyboss's lil sissy, btw) and after settling the itinerary with her, it's FINALLY time to select the outfits!!!

She asked me if I'm interested to look at the designer outfits & I was like yes pls! So off to the designer outfits area we went, and she helped choose a few dresses that fit the vertically challenged me.

Fall in love at first sight with this omg....


As I was taking 38472389 pictures of myself with the dress, the kareshi was seated on the sofa texting ladyboss and so was Lina, when suddenly Lina asked if I want to see their new collections.


Ten minutes later, I decided on my nikah outfit. MAD LOVE IT

For the last outfit, Lina suggested a pink dress but it's a bit too simple for my liking, plus I find that the dress looks better if the wearer doesn't don the hijab. After saying no to 32834929328 dresses. I finally said YES to a Fiziwoo dress omg I love it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.

Love this guy more. haha :p

Can't wait to see our songket outfit!! We didn't choose from the collection bcos we're waiting for Nora's surprise. hurhur

Wedding invitation cards

Like finally, we sent our cards for printing and collected them last Friday. Belanja you the front view..

Booking of hotel rooms

Since my nikah will be really early and my venue is 200000km away from where I stay, I booked a room for my bridesmaids so that they have no reasons to arrive late.....

....and also two one-bedroom suites for my fam and myself :D

Site visit with Puteri

Working with them have been easy peasy so far. My parents tagged along with us and we discussed about the menu and whatnots. Made the 70% deposit and burned a huge hole to our wallet lol

Site visit with C*

Right after that we met with a new deco vendor. This was before we had our last meeting with C.M.

One week later, we met again to confirm them as our new deco vendor. Their package is inclusive of all the things we asked from C.M but were charged at extra cost. So, yeay to that!

Some inspirations, ideas and mood board to give them an idea of what we want.

They even showed us a drawing of the dais that they have in mind for us!Super love it but of course I won't show it here hehe. Don't think I want to disclose the vendor for now, but you'll know soon... just THIRTY ONE MORE DAYS. InsyaAllah :D



  1. thechicwedding! His face is pretty visible from the last picture (;

  2. Hi Sakina,
    I happen to chance upon your blog by luck and choosing a venue for combine wedding is such a big headache :( haha could you share the cost of venue that you've booked? Thank you in advance!

    1. hello! i feeeel you abt the headache for combined venue! so glad it's all over hahahah.
      i'm not comfortable giving the exact figures here but you can drop me an email @ and I can tell you in details. The cost of rental is roughly close to 10K. Depending on whether you need extra hours for the setting up or you need rental of their things, the total price can reach up to a five digits number. :>


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