Bachelorette Cooking Session w @ashaadn

Saturday, October 29, 2016

My two girls, they're such drama queens, I tell ya.

You see, last weekend, our plan was to explore the East side cos you know, that’s where the good food are all at. But you can tell from the post title that these girls have something up their sleeves!

Since Tina was working that Saturday morning, Airah and I took a cab down to Bugis to pick her up. 

Good thing I slept thru out the journey so I won't be asking them 101 questions.

When I woke up, we were at Bedok and Tina was telling me we're here to collect her detox tea. Silly me just tagged along with zero suspicions. Plus I was already licking my lips at the thought of the cheap sushi I can have at Bedok Mall after that. Yum yum!

As soon as we reached the detox tea seller's house, she asked if we're afraid of cats and then invited us in. Standing at the door is someone familiar. Someone actually I followed on IG (@ashaadn).

Since when si Asha sells detox tea eh, I asked myself.

The girls were talking to Asha as if they’ve been friends forever. I still didn't have no idea what's going on and was whispering to Airah that I know her. Asha looked at me and chuckled.

 “So she still doesn't have a clue, eh?’



These girls eh, they got me real bad this time. I didn’t even suspect anything! Usually I’ll be the first to sniff something fishy but this time round somebody please give them the Best Actress awards alr!!

Soooooo this is my surprise bachelorette party and out of all the things we could possibly do together, they chose that one thing I hate the most....

...C O O K I N G

What's cookin' : Carrot cake (side story: I only ate this like twice in my entire life but it has already made it to my fav list haha. and mango sticky rice!

Some pictures to do the talking…..

First, the ingredients!

A bit paisey to admit that I'm an idiot when it comes to cooking...

I mean.... I can't even cut onions properly???

The girls were already moving on to the next step.

While waiting for you know whoooooo~


Concentration level max cos I don't wanna burn her kitchen down hahaha

 Weeee! Setakat carrot cake but so penat as if masak lauk rendang okay

In total we spent more than 5 hours with Asha and in between we have prayer breaks and some games like guessing the ingredients (which we all failed badly hahaha ) and some get to know each other activities.

Like we get to ask these three questions to each other.

#1. One thing you don’t know about me
#2. One thing I like about you
#3. One thing we may have in common

We were reluctant to play at first but as we get the hang of it, it got fun! Kinda feel good to hear the good stuff your friends say about you hehe. I mean we say we love each other almost every single day but we don’t really say why so it’s nice to hear that once in a while.

Caught on camera : When Tina told the one thing she likes about me is that we have the same frequency and some other stuff not safe to be mentioned here :p

Oh and there’s this part when Asha asked the two girls if they have any marriage advice for me. As Asha and my girls were giving their piece of advice, I had to hold my breath and force myself not to blink my eyes cos I wanna cry soooo bad T_T

But it was a great day spent. Of cos, any day with my girls is awesome possum!

One with the sweet Asha. Thanks for letting us stay till late night and we definitely enjoy the whole session with chu. From talking about our personal experiences to nonsense talks about guys hehe. Such a darling lah this one. I totally recommend you guys to go for her masak sessions!

& of course....

Thanks Airah G and Tina B for everything. You two are the kind of friends I'm lucky to have and I want to hold on to forever and ever InsyaAllah. I say this a lot but I love you both very much. I really do! :)

xoxo, N

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