Countdown #2

Monday, September 19, 2016

My second last monthly countdown post!

Last month we received an email from our kadi with a (super long) PDF file attached regarding everything we need to know about what to do pre-nikah and during nikah.  I wonder if other kadi(s) do it as well?

Some clips of our kadi in this video below....

Yup it's Ustaz Irwan Shah, in case you don't know him!
You can see him shaking hands with the kareshi hurhur.

I've mentioned before that I'm not very particular about our kadi so the kareshi had his number one choice. When I asked what's the reason for his pick, he said cos ustaz ni pakai iPad. lol what even.

Some other stuff we're settled... and not!


If you ask me, I'd prefer giving food for berkat but my mom and that guy in the above picture chose towels instead so can't say much.Thanks to his friend who kindly sponsored us for our (adult) berkat! Not sure what to get for kids tho, I'm thinking of chocs or Vitagen. Gonna let my mom settle this one.

Kareshi's outfits

When we signed up for the 3-outfits package with Ishq last year, the kareshi informed Nora that he'll be getting his own final outfit instead. We headed down to Benjamin Barker last week to make the purchase and here's a sneak peak!

Usually, it's the bride who'd be more interested in getting a customised wedding outfit but this guy is an exception. Recently he decided to customise his own nikah outfit too -_- Me? Tak kuasa.

Wedding shoes

Almost made a purchase at Steve M after seeing a pair of heels I'm madly in love with. After sashaying in them ard the room for almost thirty minutes I was told they're the last pair so OK BYE.

I was reading thru BTBs blogs and someone posted this from Charles & K and I thought it's pretty cute!

Searched for this pair at the Jem outlet and was disappointed with how it looks like IRL?! Thankfully, my visit was not a waste of time cos something else caught my eyes...

So wedding shoes, check! 

Invitation cards

I started my invitation card designs three months ago and since then, I've helped design five other cards for friends/cousin. Now they've already printed and distributed theirs and I still have yet to finalise mineee!

 Fussy is me.

Kareshi wants the timeline I created for my itinerary (you can see it here to be included inside the card. Still thinking whether it's better to have it inside or at the back of the card HMMM DECISIONS DECISIONSSS

 I'll post some pictures in the next month update. Hopefully will get them printed by then!


I wasn't keen to have henna designs on my hands (except for my fingers) for my big day but one fine day while texting with le BFF she said she's gonna sponsor for henna and the very next second I went searching for henna artists on IG :p

Found someone whose works I really luuuuvvvv!

They responded to both my text and email real quick but too bad they're only available to do my henna the morning before my wedding. Which is so impossibruuu cos it means that I can't do anything the whole day, no? I still need to travel out to check into the hotel later that day so sadly I had to let go of this, boohoo.

My babe Tina suggested her sister so since I'm not cerewet and she's free on the day/time I requested for, so why not :D

Bridesmaids' outfit

Finally after months of procrastination, we sent the kain for tailor! I'm still thinking what other things I should get for my girls. 

Okay that's all for this month! Guess I'm left with ROMM and meetings with the vendors now. Excited!

xoxo, N

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