Syawal 1437H In a Nutshell

Saturday, August 6, 2016

This year's Raya is no different from previous year's, which I've blogged about here.

My family chose blue for the first day and I thought of using past years' outfits. Mainly cos my family don't celebrate and go visiting so much so I don't see the need to buy a new outfit when the max number of houses I visit every year in a day is three. Also I rarely wear past years' outfit after Raya so reuse, reduce and recycle jer.

But I did buy one after all! Fifty bucks for the top and skirt (accidentally cropped here T.T) Bag was bought two years back in KL and I wore my wedges from Rubi that was on sale. Cheapskate level 999

That's my brother. His MNL face when his best-kakak-in-the-world asked for his help to take OOTDs.

The second and third day was spent at work. Boohoooz.

On the third of Syawal, I met the kareshi's family & later that night I was told we're heading out but turns out we went beraya with his friends. The number of houses we went to that night was more than the houses I visited with my family since Syawal Day 1 combined ha ha.

It was almost midnight when we reach the last house. By then my eyes were soooo heavy (my bedtime is 10pm T_T) and I've been socialising so much since morning that I've reached my limit for the day.  

Fav part of the day:


Please boyfriend I nak cat at our new house pls pls 

Self-invite myself to a colleague's open house and had her take 2134 pictures of me hahaha.

Jalan raya with my girls whom I love soooo much. Look at the fat cat's expression macam MEH.

Feeling lor abeh.

Last day of Raya was spent with the BFFs. Fav part of Hari Raya is when it's over! 

And as always ada MV Raya. Next year will be an entirely different jalan raya for us, insyaAllah.

Now that we've wrapped up Raya, it's time to get back on my yoga mat!


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