Renovation Week 4

Sunday, August 21, 2016

It has been three weeks since the end of our renovation journey and the handover. The furniture are all in now and while editing the pictures for this entry, it kinda made me miss my spacious homey. Week 4 was all about touching up and installing the toilet accessories.

Panoramic view of my living room. On the left side is the kareshi's work area, which will be facing our sofa and TV.  I love my open concept kitchen so much la! Hacking my kitchen wall was my idea from the start and I'm glad we did it despite the amount of $$ we had to fork out just for that. 

Close up view of my dining area. So excited to work on our DIY project on these white walls. 

Right side of my kitchen.... 

....and the left. 

Thank God we were not given those ugly mosaic tiles from HDB(!!!) so decided not to do anything at all for the two toilets. (for now at least... ) I couldn't stand the red/blue stickers so I peel them all off. (btw now you know the photographer behind all my reno pics hehe) 

So there you have it, my swift home reno journey which I'm glad went very smoothly with almost zero hiccups. Post-reno is an equally exciting process cos we get to buy all the pretty things for our place and I swear it's cray cray!! I get parcels delivered to my house almost every day and I've got to hide them all from Mummy lol. 

Next, I'll be sharing my review on my ID (highly recommended =D) and once everything is settled then I'd probably do a house tour post to show you every single detail about my home sweet home so stay tuned! 

xoxo, N

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