Countdown #3

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tick tock tick tock:D

Wedding venue floor layout and Mood board

Finally pushed my procrastination aside and worked on my mood board for the wedding deco. I leave it up to the kareshi to choose the colour scheme cos I trust his taste! Also, partly cos I've lost the wedding prep hype after getting the house hurhurhurSneak peak of this 10-pages document I'm still working on.

 I've been to a number of weddings where family members refuse to give up their seats for the guests despite the DJ's announcement. So we're providing a huge space at the back of the hall specially for our families to lepak and with that I (realllllllly!!!) hope they won't hog onto the guests' seats.

Wedding Itinerary 

This one is of cos an easy peasy all thanks to my kareshi since he has seen more wedding itinerary in a month than I have in my entire lifetime. It took him less than 15 mins to come up with a draft.

Of cos credits to me for beautifying an otherwise plain itinerary. I'm so loving the header and timeline!! #masukbakulangkatsendiri

Wedding Invitation card

We've settled for a design and it's now waiting for approval from my two big bosses before we send for printing. My parents wanted a folded card with a huge map so that's exactly what we're having. We'll prolly get it printed before next month.

I'm so excited for this one!! Can't wait to see my pretty artwork printed in hundreds of cards =D

Family meet up!

On National Day, both our families met for the first time. What makes it extra special is that we had the meetup at our humble abode. 

 perbezaan halal gap between us vs my parents hahaha

It was my first time hosting my own guests and it's not easy for me! When I asked what drinks his dad prefers, I was hoping he wouldn't answer coffee cos 1)i don't like the smell 2)I dk how to make it hahaHAIS. With my open concept kitchen, there's no way I can pretend I'm busy in there making drinks or preparing dinner(like I always do at current home lol) when in fact I just want to hide to avoid talking.

So anyway one of the purpose of us getting our families together is that we want to update both sides on the wedding and make sure everyone is clear of the changes we're making etc. I was actually nervous for the kareshi cos he will be the one announcing the news but as always he's calm and composed. 

Very much the opposite of me. T_T

Btw cant stress enuf how lucky we are to have very understanding parents who supported us right from the start. Sure we have our differences in many things but I'm glad we're able to compromise and work things out. I know it's not easy for my parents especially when they get some not so nice remarks about how different my wedding is going to be urgh. I choose to believe that as long as my parents and FILs are fine with it, then I don't give a single hoot about the rest and whatever they say or think.

xoxo, N

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