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Monday, July 4, 2016

After what seems like donkey's years, we received good news from HDB informing us that the cement screeding will take place this Wednesday (yes on Hari Raya!)

L I K E  F I N A L L Y

I've mentioned here that the reason why we chose to get this free service from HDB despite its super slow waiting time is that we're in no rush to move in. Of course besides the key word there : free. 

Just like my wedding preparation, when I first started my reno planning, I was OBSESSED. I spent hours browsing through Pinterest, looking at my floor plan and visualising the kind of home I dream of and reading thru every page of Renotalk. I even came out with a 9-paged PPT with my principal considerations and mood board for every corner of every room in my little abode.

There. I kid you not.

 Here's my floor plan to start off this entry....

A very common design for a five room BTO flat. Except that in most BTO I've been to, the bomb shelter is hidden beside the toilet but as you can see mine is smacked right next to the main door.

And here's a simple drawing of what I have in mind which I used to aid my IDs' understanding.

I don't fancy anything bombastic for our home reno. I mean, even if I do, I know I can't afford it lah! With the (unsponsored) home renovation AND wedding AND dream honeymoon happening one after the other, every single cent is precious gold to me lol

So here's what we're gonna do. First is to lay vinyl flooring for the entire house. Carpentry will only be done inside the master bedroom and kitchen. The kitchen wall will be half-hacked and turned into a bar top! The two bathrooms will remain as it is, for now at least. As for the other two bedrooms, one is reserved for my future sissy-in-law and the other will be left empty.

The Theme

This is what we have in mind~

Yes we are #teammonochrome #teamminimalist :D

The Living Room

Initially, we thought of doing a partition for the study room but we kinda changed our minds after visiting some of his friends' house with similar floor plan as ours. Anyway the stud, corner is kareshi's territory so I have no say whatsoever. -_- We won't be having any featured wall or carpentry done in the living room so for now all we've confirmed are the colours of the walls & furniture to put in!

The Kitchen

Half of our kitchen wall has already been hacked and I have zero regrets!! It makes the house looks extra spacious for sure. Honeycomb/subway tiles for the kitchen wall is definitely in the wish list but in the end we decided to leave it as it is. Still deciding if we want to overlay the floor tiles with this.

Ahhh decisions decisions.....


He had to change a couple of times cos I just can't decide on the colour combinations!?! Seriously the struggle is real gaise. Oh and he used a white fridge here and it sorta fits the theme, which makes me regret buying a non-white fridge. T_T

"White fridge or not, yang penting tu dapur kau berasap ke tak??" - my mom. MEH.

Okay da la cukup for now. Will share about the reno process soonest!


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