Renovation Week 3

Sunday, July 31, 2016

So if you follow me on Instagram, you'd know by now my home reno is alr complete weeehooo! I've said this a million times to myself but I really LOVE my house and I can't wait to decorate and blog all about it. But first, the (belated) week three update!


My tiny wardrobe for my tiny room is up. During the planning stage, we had soooo~ many ideas for this area. You see that fugly window (for aircon ledge) sticking out of nowhere? Well initially we thought of extending the width of the wardrobe and hide it inside but that would result in a much lesser space for the room entrance, which causes inconvenience esp when shifting furniture.

So we scrap that idea and now I have to pretend it doesn't bother me..... Still learning to thou. T_T

Also, having an L-shaped wardrobe wasn't in my must-have list cos I believe just one would be enough (ha ha that's me in denial talking) After a meeting with my ID and seeing one in his office that has the same size as ours, I went back home and counted the number of hangers I have in my current wardrobe. You know, just to make sure I reaaaally need that extra space.

"One..Two...Ten...Fifteen...Nineteen...Twenty-six... Thirty-nine....sixty-seven wait wait what was I thinking OK WE DEF NEED A BIGGER SPACE"

Meh. I should've known better huh.

So the picture on the left shows my space. There's more space inside all the way to the left where I can hang longer dresses. The picture on the right belongs to the kareshi.


We bought all our lights from Tampoi, JB many months ago. Cheap cheap good good!

Crestar Rainlite ceiling fan from Hoe Kee.

The lights we chose don't come in black so the kareshi kindly helped me spray it all. 

We saw this selling at Star Living for a price double of what we got from Tampoi.

The more I see it, the more I'm not liking the inner yellow. Is it just me or it seems like it doesn't match the kitchen. I wonder if it's too late to spray them now?

#iknowyoullreadthis #playingthehintinggame

The bar top has round edges cos according to the Mister, it's for future kids' safety. LOL I only think of round edges =  more pleasing to my eyes. 

I'm only left with the table top before my kitchen is complete! Some items that we have for now:

Blanco Naya 8.

Hob and hood from Tecno. This picture was taken days ago so you can see my table top here.

Ending this post with this picture of my boo labeling the bathroom accessories.

Thank you so much for being in charge of this whole reno process and making it all easier for me. Lucky to have such a reliable partner like you! Love you :D #nowplshelptospraykitchenlights



  1. Hi sis! The lights you bought is at tampoi. If it's ok for to let me know which part of tampoi? Issit near to giant tampoi?

    1. Hello! Yup, the shop is just next to the giant tampoi.


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