Renovation Week 2

Sunday, July 24, 2016

So I've decided to standardise the titles for my home reno entries just becase I hate how long the previous title was. Currently at week three now so here's my (delayed) update for week twoooooo.

Last two weeks I blogged about the status of my cement screed and our sofa and dining table purchase here. Last week, progressions seems good and also a bit too fast too furious hehehe.

Last Friday I dropped by after work and I'm happy to share that painting work is all done!

Living Room

Colours: White Sail and Grey Glove


My future sissy's room in Sail White and Lilac White.

Yessss I know you can't see any difference here but let me assure you it's obvious in real life and it looks so good! (errr not really but because I picked the colours for this room so MUST.INSIST.IT.IS. Someone, however, is not very pleased with the outcome and begs to differ.....)

Colours: Sail White and Matt Black

The kareshi chose the colours for the next room and I must say I love the outcome even thou I was a lil concerned about the black tiles + wall at first.

Master Bedroom

Colours: White Sail and Grey Glove. (just like our living room + study corner)

Service Yard

Service yard in White Sail and Matt Black


Also, you can see our vinyl tiles are almost done too. woot woot!

This colour for the living and black for all our bedrooms.

And last but not least, carpentry is almost up up and away!!

My kitchen early last week..

.. and end of the week!!

My tiny wardrobe in the master bedroom.

Two more weekly updates and guess what? It's handover time gaise :D



  1. May i knw hw much you hack the wall at the kitchen? I'm planning to hack them for my new house next year,
    Need to save up if its pricey! ��

    1. For the hacking, we were quoted $600 from our ID but at the same time we need to hire a Professional Engineer and that costs us $450. I have friends who were charged $1.2K for hacking :/

  2. Hi Nyna, may i know where did you get your vinyl flooring from? i am quite interested in that! Thanks!

    1. Honestly we dont know the name of the company, only know the name of the person we worked with - Mr Ong. Got recommendations from friends/neighbours, here's his number in case you wna drop him a text (+6593887668) :D


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