Renovation Week 1

Monday, July 11, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya ya'll!!

So how's your Raya going everyone? Are you enjoying the food glorious food and the fact that you're gaining back all the weight you've lost last month in three days? Also, getting together with both loved ones and those I-met-once-a-year relatives? Or you are one of the those people who just don't enjoy the Raya vibes and prefer to stay at home all day, far away from any form of social interaction?

Like me. ha ha

Just like any other year, my Raya is celebrated in the simplest way possible. On the first day, I visited just two houses, as compared to just one last year. I was on bed in my PJs, both sweat and makeup-free by at five p.m. Today is the 6th of Syawal and I've visited a grand total of FOUR houses since day one, excluding the kareshi's friends' houses I visited along with his friends on Syawal day three.

I'll be blogging about my Raya in a nutshell in some other day, today I'm excited to share what I was more interested in on the very first day of Raya this year.


I've been patiently waiting for this day cos it means my ID and team can now commence work!

FYI, we appealed for HDB cement screed on 4th May and the work was only carried out on 6th July. Everything was completed within a day and we need to wait for at least one week before we lay out the vinyl tiles. HDB provided a standard 40mm smooth floor rendering which means that after overlay of our (5mm) vinyl flooring, the toilet and kitchen floor will be slightly higher than the living room's.

In the end, we forked out 700$ just to add another 5mm for the cement screed. Meh.

The kareshi and I were at Star Living a few times before and we sort of have our eyes on what we want to buy. Previously we took a picture of the dimensions and yesterday, we placed paper tapes on the floor to give us a sense of how much space they'll take and we have left around the place.

And then we made our dining table + dining bench + sofa purchase! Scored a good deal I must say.

Grumpy cat.

Me: Can you pose please? I need to post pictures on my blog.


We also went down to IKEA to get some stuff for my kitchen. My pretty pretty kitchen~

Next up: Painting works this Wednesday and overlay of tiles this Friday! CAN'T WAIT!



  1. Hi sis! How much for the hacking wall kitchen?

    1. For the hacking, we were quoted $600 from our ID but at the same time we need to hire a Professional Engineer and that costs us $450. Worth it =D

  2. Hello!
    May i know how to appeal for the cement screed from the HDB?

    1. Hi hi!

      I went to the nearest HDB branch and let them know that I would like to get the cement screeding from HDB. I was asked to fill a form, cant remember exactly what they asked for but there's one part asking for your reason for the request. My answer was that I'm on a tight budget handling both our wedding and home reno at the same time.

      We received no calls and had to do a lot of chasing after the officer in charge, and when they finally did get back to us it was alr like 2 months later. So just be prepared to wait a lil longer once you have filled up the application form ya :D

  3. Hi!

    Can I check when did you apply for this BTO flat?

    1. Hello! I applied for this flat in Nov 2014 under the Sales-of-Balance exercise. You can check out the process timeline at this page :)

  4. Hi Nyna, can I ask after your screeding & vinyl floor installed, is the floor level? Or slightly uneven? Means when walking on the floor can feel strange (not flat).

    1. Hi hi. I do have that one uneven spot in both my living and MBR, but they're not that huge and noticeable so I'm pretty okay with that.

  5. Hi, to whom did you pay the additional $700 to level the cement screed? The hdb contractor or your ID?

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