New Zealand, Aku Datang!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The long-awaited holiday has started for me and boyyy there's just so many things to do or whut!

Apart from our meetups with our ID, the wedding venue person i/c & deco team and settling our home appliances in and out of Singapore, I've also been busy planning the itinerary for my honeymoon. :D

I've mentioned in my ten months countdown post a lil bit about my honeymoon & how we've bought the flight tics alr. In case the pictures are not obvious enough, we are going to New Zealand!

teehee obviously so since I've not been traveling as much as I used to ever since I got engaged!

Just want to share some pictures beautifully taken by my dear cousin who got back from NZ recently before I share more on my itinerary in the second part of this entry.

The view! I don't mind spending hours just staring at it.

Skyline luge with a great view!


Paragliding and skydiving - definitely on the bucketlist!

Whatever this is called(no it's not bungy), it's definitely not something I even want to imagine doing.T_T

Btw that's my cousin Sam. Still single. Anyone interested to make friends please add him on FB hehe.

If these pictures didn't make you feel like booking your own flight tickets to NZ right meow now, then check out his video.



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