Countdown #5

Sunday, June 19, 2016

I was looking through my past monthly countdown posts and it seems to me that it wasn't long ago since the countdown was at its 365th days mark. Now we're down to 152 days and very soon,
 why hello two digits countdown!!

What's new since the last update.....

Venue recce and meeting with deco vendor

Yes we've settled for a venue and I kid you not, it feels like a huge burden just got lifted off my shoulders when we FINALLY do so. My hair can stop turning grey from all the stress this exhausting process has caused. (for now.....hah)

Both kareshi and I went down to the venue for the second time and we brought Uncle Aidil from Comel Molek with us to recce the place. It was my first time meeting him and I find him, very likeable =)

Oh and I need to say this -  I like the manager in-charge of our venue, he is cray crayyyy.

Venue - confirmed!

Recently, someone (or more specifically, an aunt) made a very insensitive remark about my venue choices to my parents. Got me cheesed off every time I think about it $!*^@&^ Not because I was affected by what she said but rather of how her words have hurt my mom.

Seeing my mom sad is one of the most terrible feeling ever.

There's so much I wish I can say about what happened but I guess I better not. So anyway, my mom thought it's best if none of us breathe a word about the venue until the invitation cards are given out. I guess that's the best for now. 

Meeting with deco vendor

The same day we made the deposit to secure our venue, we met Uncle Lan to discuss on the limitations of our venue and also to give him an idea of what we have in mind.

Let's just say, he made me turn into the kind of bride I swore I'd never ever be............................

Guest list

Worked out the guest list with my parents and I'm happy to say the number is still a-ok. Waiting for someone to give me his list, which I have been waiting for since many months ago? *ahem

Yes I wrote down the names of all my guests!

My parents have made it clear from the start they're not interested to invite any Tom, Dick or Harry just because they were invited to their child/neighbour/in-law's wedding. The rule in deciding our guest list is simple. If we #1. are not related #2. don't spend time together #3. haven't talked in years then I won't be seeing your face at my wedding. Sorry! (not really)

Invitation Card

Made use of this semester break to complete my card!  Before that I helped Hariz designed not one but seven invitation cards so I pretty much know what I have in mind by then, Will probably show some sneak peaks at a later date. For now, I love it so much!


Till then, few more days to file my marriage application on ROMM!



  1. UE convention centre? Congrats! At least no more headache on that front ;)


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