Yoga Anniversary

Monday, May 9, 2016

This morning I received an email from Yoga Movement wishing me a happy anniversary. So cute, my boyfriend should totally learn from this *cough*.

Anyway, it has been a year, really!?!? A year since I awkwardly stepped into a yoga studio, did hot yoga for the very first time and almost died after ninety minutes which seems like ninety million years. A year since I first hear words like vinyasa and savasana (list goes on!) and wondering what the heck I've signed up for. A year since I blogged this.

Last but definitely not the least, a year since I fall in love with Yoga.

That was so... fast. Too fast!

My one year journey with yoga is amazing. I've learnt so many things I never thought my body could ever do. If you tell me I can do head stands last year, it would totally make it to joke of the century list. I mean seriously, I can't even bend and touch my toes back then! Not like I'm a pro now but if I were to compare with my 365-days-ago self, I'm a totally different person!

One of the first few poses I learned is the bakasana, also known as the crow pose The first time I attempted this pose I turned Humpty Dumpty and felt flat on my face lol. Countless practices (by stepping on my brother's stacked books first hehe) lead me to this...

weee hooo! 

Another one of my all time fav is the mermaid pose. 

And here is my current obsession - backbends!!!! Especially the kapotasana.

In the King Cobra pose.  Slowly but surely em toes will touch my head!

Who knows one year later can do King Scorpion already? hehee.


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