Getting Our House Keys (Part 2)

Monday, May 23, 2016

I had wanted to share the entire process from A-Z of what went down on the day the kareshi and I collected our home keys but it has been three weeks now and my memory has sadly failed on me -_-.

However, if you are interested to know what to expect/do during your keys collection day, here are some blogs I found really helpful to prepare me for the day~ Click here and here.

In a nutshell, the whole process was pretty straight forward and it took us slightly more than an hr....

...before we say hi to our home keys and bye to CPF money!!! T_T

The lame sticker is there to cover my hand that can be seen in this pic lol.

Right after our appointment we had lunch and I accompanied the busy bee boyfriend back to his workplace to finish up his work. After he left for Friday prayers, I met up with Mummy and sister who are both equally pumped to see my little abode with me for the first time!


The excited level I tell you sampai langit ke tujuh ok haha.

The moment I stepped in, a series of emotions washed over me... Knowing that this is the place that I'm going to leave my comfort zone for.. & I'm going to say goodbye to the west side where my family and all my close friends are. Not forgetting my workplace I'm having a love-hate relationship with.

It's like, I'm very much looking forward to step into the next stage of my life with the kareshi but at the same time, the thought of it makes me tremble, you know?

But seeing how excited my mother is for me makes me feel a whole lot better. There's just something about a mother's smile that can magically chase the grey clouds above your head away, huh?

Anywaysssss, Mummy and babysis left after the kareshi came after his prayers and we had meetings with three different IDs at our place, followed by a showroom visit and later dropped by his friend's house and stayed till almost midnight.

It was an exhausting day but if given the chance, I'd definitely want to experience it all again.

Renovation will start pretty soon and I can't wait to blog all about it!

Meanwhile, I still find it so hard to believe that I'm a homeowner now. It's even harder to believe that on this date two years ago, I haven't even met the person I'm going to share this house with! :p


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