Countdown #6

Thursday, May 19, 2016

And so, everyone's favourite question to ask me every time they see me now is....

"How's your wedding preparation going?"

Truth be told, ever since I received my house keys I've been obsessed with anything that has got to do with my home! Like I don't even care about my vendors updates anymore, unlike previous months when weekends = searching for my vendors every few hours on IG for updates and stalk every single picture under the couples' hashtag. Now all my time is dedicated to Taobao, all day all night, so where got timeeeee~

Talking about vendor, check out this awesome video by our chosen videographer.

omg don't know about you but I LOOOOVE IT SO MUCH  ♥_

Anyway some weeks back, my bridesmaids and I went for a hunt for the purrfect top.

We finally found one that everyone likes after trying out every single white top we see LOL

Just need to buat kain and it's all settle the kettle.

Other stuff that we need to settle in the next few days - #1. Make use of the  upcoming long weekends to design my invitation cards. #2. Meet our deco vendor next week for a site recce and also to discuss the theme we have in mind.  #3. Pay deposit for venue.

Quite honestly the kareshi and I are feeling mehhh~~ with this deco team because we don't really like what we see on their IG nowadays. Plus they always take days to reply my simple text messages which require just a yes or not answer -_- #turnoffx1000000

In case you didn't read the previous paragraphs properly, allow me to write it clearer in bold..............


like finally.:D


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