Moley is Married!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

My darling Moley Mas got married last two weeks. Ahh and it feels like it was just a few months back that she told me she's dating someone new. Time sure flies! So anyway my sisters and I planned for a simple surprise before her big day last month. Sarah and I were supposed to kidnap and bring her over to Crowne Plaza while the rest helped to prepare the room.

I can't find a cloth long enough to be used as a blindfold so I brought my sec school tie, which matches her shawl perfectly hehe. (yes my sec sch tie that was last used nine years ago)

I remember I can't even sit still for five minutes without asking thousands of questions repeatedly when my girls blindfolded me for my birthday surprise. But this girl was quite the opposite, so quiet and obedient so I took out my mascara and pretend I was drawing on her face using a marker. Poor girl freaked out big time!!

Okay, here we are at the airport. This girl has no idea how many eyes were just staring at her hehe.

This was before Sarah and I could figure out how to wear that thing on her head.

Seconds before the surprise!

I don't have any pictures of her reaction but it was captured on video instead. Her eyes were all red and teary the moment she removed the tie. I would have too if it was me! 

Aleeya Zahira and her makcikssss. Geram this pipi pao baby!

Woot woot! 

Gotta wait for at least the next 25 years before you can have your bridal shower babygurl

We went for a dinner and later dipped ourselves in the pool before calling it a day.

Meanwhile, I had my supper with my boo.....

.. who happens to be the photographer for Moley's wedding. He didn't even tell me about it until I saw him on the day itself, which of course got me so happy senyum sampai telinga mood all day My dad apa lagi, he even introduced him to all my aunts and uncles. Almaklum, bakal menantu~ hehehe.

Below are some pictures taken by none other than my favourite photographer in the whole wide world.

One of my favourite couples. 

Before the solemnization ceremony, the groom sat in front of all the guests and recite some surah from the Quran. Shed a few tears there listening to his voice and looking at my Moley. Knowing how she's been through shitty relationships in her past and finally found this guy, makes me so happy beyond words for her. 

After the wedding, I got to spend some time with the kareshi and I asked him how's it like working with me around. His reply?

"So distracting cos you keep looking at me then sengeh sengeh."

The clingy girlfriend-me caught on camera. Opps.



  1. Awwwww so touched nak nangis baca ni. Love you and cant wait for yours to come!! 😘😘


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