He asked...and she said Yes!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Guess who just got proposed to?!?! 

Me!! Not 

So.... Hariz has been planning about his proposal for quite some time and of course, he just have to get his darling girlfriends to help him out. We met to discuss his plans, throw in some ideas and I even had to recce places, accompany him print 1937384 pictures and even edit videos for him. 

So much effort just for a proposal lah this boy.... 

Anyyyyway, the plan is supposed to go like this. He brings his girl out, then to Hort Park where his other girls (aka me and bffs) will already be at. He hands her an empty file and she is supposed to walk around to look for clear files that contain their picture ala scrapbook lidat. She has to find and collect these files before placing them all into the file. So Lysa and I were tasked to stick them at random places......

The scrapbooks are so cheesy I can't hep but to.... 

...roll eye -_-

& in the end, everything will lead to........


A drawing of his girlfriend and the iPad on top of the canvas is to show a video of the whole drawing process. I give you A* for effort!!  The girls and I can't figure out the girl's name at all? lol 

They're here!!! 

When Hariz first told me about this plan, the first thing I asked him was whether his girl would be fine with us or nah. Cos if you were to ask me, if the kareshi were to give me a surprise proposal (which is 99.9% not happening for sure lolz) and he has his female friends around with us, honestly I would be totally turned off lah! Especially when it's gonna be the first time we're going out together. But he assured us that she's fine so, here we are! 


Lamp post me. 


Pretend to laugh kind of shot.. 


If it was me, the whole place would've been flooded with mah tears within seconds hahaha 


Say No!!

Lol of course she said yes.

I've found my lady but I need my girlfriends. Oh tak eh?

The two got "officially" engaged last week and I couldn't be happier for them. Even though I can't hide my disinterested face and stop rolling my eyes 10million times whenever Hariz talks about his girlfriend , which is like ALL THE TIME, I'm just SO happy he's finally found someone who is just right for him. 



Seems like it was just a few years ago that we were in school, taking about our future like we had a clue and now we're getting married!?!  To friends of ours, mark your calendar! 
October, November, December 2016, January 2017. InsyaAllah :D


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