Getting our House Keys (Part I)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 29th 2016 - The kareshi and I are now proud homeowners of our humble abode. ♥♥

What happened yesterday will be a story for another day. Today I'll be blogging about what happened before we went down for the final appointment with HDB and I hope it will be helpful for couples like us who are going to collect their keys but don't have their marriage certificate yet.

This post is going to be very long, so before you continue reading you might want to grab some food and a cup of drink :D Let me start by sharing this timeline of our home journey so far.

I've created a new page dedicated specially for my home renovation updates. Link is up on top menu!

Somewhere in end-February, I received the long-awaited  invitation letter to collect our home keys. Seeing my neighbours from other blocks proudly posting theirs on our Facebook group page makes me eager to get mine too, despite knowing that getting our keys early would cause several issues. Managing our finance for both our house AND upcoming wedding has got to be on top of that list.

The letter also stated that we need to bring along our wedding certificate during the keys collection. This brings another headache for me cos as you know the wedding is not happening until November, eight months after our appointment with HDB.

This wasn't my concern initially because during our flat selection and signing of agreement of lease, we did raise the question about producing the marriage certificate on keys collection day and explained our situation. On both days, the two customer service officers assured us that it's no biggie and we can appeal for a deferment once we got the invitation letter to collect the keys.

So I didn't think much about it. Not until I saw it on the letter. In bold.

Me being the ever so kanchiong me, I called up the customer relations manager the very next morning to clarify on this matter. I must say that he is not helpful at all and I remember the exact words he said to me when I asked him whether we can defer the submission of marriage cert....

"You do know that by taking AHG you need to produce the certificate on keys collection day right? Sorry I can only give you max three months after the keys collection to do so"

When I told him about the two CSOs who told me I can defer, he asked me to go check the HDB website.

How helpful -_-

As soon as we ended our conversation, hot streams started flowing from my eyes. First it was the venue issue and now this....urgh. I was crying my hearts out while looking through the calendar looking at possible dates to have our solemnization within the next three months. T_T

I was in such a helpless state so I reached out for my phone and called the kareshi.

Something that I've never ever done before.

Sidetrack a bit okay? Not like you need to know this but the kareshi and I, we've actually never talked on the phone before. Those less than one-minute calls asking where-are-you when we've reached the destination doesn't count okay. I'm talking about those conversations that lasted for hours at the end of the day.

So yea, that day, we talked for more than ten minutes which is kind of a big deal to me. I tried to take deep breaths in between sobs and tell him what's going on but of course, he could sense something is wrong with me. Whenever he asked whether I was crying, I would say no. Padahal I was itching to blow my nose and get rid of my mucus that seems to flow endlessly.

At times like this, I'm so glad to know that my soon-to-be partner for life(InsyaAllah) is such a calm person given any crazy stormy situation. He always knows the right things to say, even when sometimes he doesn't say much his presence just makes me believe that as long as I have him, things are going to turn out just fine.

This post is getting too long and wordy so here's a random picture of me in my new living room with em keys hehe.

Okay back to the story.

I spent the rest of the day googling for couples who received their keys more than three months before their wedding and it got me more confused that I already was. I put my stalking skills to the test and found others who went through the same thing as me through their blogs or FB status. What I did next was to send out private messages on FB, IG, and even emails to these people to ask more questions and seek for advice.

The replies I received were mostly positive, telling me not to worry or think too much. But how can I when the annoying CR manager's words keep repeating at the back of my head?! Later that day, someone replied me on FB with screenshots of her email exchange with HDB.

Of course, I send out the exact same thing within the next fifteen minutes.

Got a call from the "helpful" CR manager telling me my appeal is approved one week later and that I can submit the certificate in late November. PHEW! So much for your max three months righttt. -_-

You know, almost everyone I know will ask me the same question when I tell them I'm getting my keys eight months before my wedding -"don't they ask for marriage cert?/isn't it max three months?"
So by writing this post I hope it will be helpful to others who are in the same boat as me.

All you got to do is send out an email to HDB ( and attach your wedding vendors invoices/receipts.

I can now give you the same advice I received from the strangers I reached out to.....

Keep calm and don't think so much!




  1. Hi Do you have a sample of the appeal letter as i am in need of a sample too..

    1. You can drop me an email I'll forward you the email!

  2. hi nyna, i have just emailed you regarding the appeal letter as well. thanks! - lene

  3. Hi Nyna, may i have a sample of the appeal letter as I need to defer the submission of my marriage certificate. Thank you!

  4. Hi! Can I have a sample email if you don't mind? My TOP is Q2 2019 and I'm deciding my banquet between Q4 2019 or Q1 2020. Not sure if they will allow deferment up to 9 months. A sample of your appeal will be helpful! My email is

  5. Hi Nyna

    Thank you for sharing.
    May i have a sample of the appeal letter.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi,

    may I have the sample appeal letter? My parents have sold their flat and have to move in new flat quick.. need help to collect keys soon.

  7. Salam sis,

    Do you have a sample of the appeal letter as i am in the same position as what you went through . with your help i would like to refer your examples as a guide for me .

  8. Hi Nyna, can kindly share the sample letter? Thank you in advance!

    1. Sure! Drop me your email add or you can email me at

  9. Hi, may I have a copy of your appeal letter as well? looking at a similar situation here with 7 months apart! email: Thank you! :)

  10. Hi Nyna, could you kindly share the sample letter too? My email is Thank you!

  11. Hi Nyna, could I have a sample of you letter? TYVM!

  12. Hi Nyna, can I have a sample of your letter! TYVM!


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