Countdown #7

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

One last month before we hit the half a year to go mark!

According to the wedding checklist, I am supposed to discuss with my bridesmaids about their outfit and shop for their kain by end this month. Since we are all getting married just weeks apart and obviously we are each others' bridesmaids, we have decided on the same white top for all our weddings, with different bottoms.

What I have in mind for my girls.

Last few months the kareshi surprised me with this:

....which gave me an idea of where to get the kain for my girls.


We're supposed to meet up at the end of this month to have these tailored. Got em from Contento Prints @ IG. Do check em out guys~

Btw in case you're wondering who my bridesmaids are, they are none other than....

... my bffs! 

Moving on, the kareshi and I were at ION last night and randomly dropped by the place where we bought my engagement bling bling. Gave it a little bit of cleaning and just thirty minutes later...

... wedding ring, checked! So impromptu, hehe.

We were served by the same person when we came here last two years. Funny how she still remembers us as the couple she helped take 874028374 pictures for using the camera. (hehe who doesn't remember their nonsense customers with nonsense requests). She helped us take pictures (again!) and I literally LOL at my poor kareshi's face. He looked sooooo grumpy in one of the pictures after the many poses I forced got him to do. (you know like step look at ring pose, step laugh pose, don't look at camera pose...)

Anyway, we sat at Starbucks after that to discuss more on my least favourite part of the wedding - the venue (urghhh). So he was telling me about his friend who tried to give his chosen CC a second call after they were told that it's blocked for a CC event on their wedding date. Apparently the CC event got cancelled and he got his chosen venue after all. Lucky fella!!

So of course, we got pretty hopeful and called Ulu Pandan again cos, who knows we also got lucky right? It was five minutes before the CC closes when I called. Reminded me of this tweet I saw lol.

Anyway what luck la. We still got a reply we didn't hope for. T_T

Sidetrack: Guess who is getting their house keys in T E N days time??!?!?


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