Getting our House Keys (Part I)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 29th 2016 - The kareshi and I are now proud homeowners of our humble abode. ♥♥

What happened yesterday will be a story for another day. Today I'll be blogging about what happened before we went down for the final appointment with HDB and I hope it will be helpful for couples like us who are going to collect their keys but don't have their marriage certificate yet.

This post is going to be very long, so before you continue reading you might want to grab some food and a cup of drink :D Let me start by sharing this timeline of our home journey so far.

I've created a new page dedicated specially for my home renovation updates. Link is up on top menu!

Moley is Married!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

My darling Moley Mas got married last two weeks. Ahh and it feels like it was just a few months back that she told me she's dating someone new. Time sure flies! So anyway my sisters and I planned for a simple surprise before her big day last month. Sarah and I were supposed to kidnap and bring her over to Crowne Plaza while the rest helped to prepare the room.

I can't find a cloth long enough to be used as a blindfold so I brought my sec school tie, which matches her shawl perfectly hehe. (yes my sec sch tie that was last used nine years ago)

I remember I can't even sit still for five minutes without asking thousands of questions repeatedly when my girls blindfolded me for my birthday surprise. But this girl was quite the opposite, so quiet and obedient so I took out my mascara and pretend I was drawing on her face using a marker. Poor girl freaked out big time!!

Okay, here we are at the airport. This girl has no idea how many eyes were just staring at her hehe.

This was before Sarah and I could figure out how to wear that thing on her head.

Seconds before the surprise!

I don't have any pictures of her reaction but it was captured on video instead. Her eyes were all red and teary the moment she removed the tie. I would have too if it was me! 

Aleeya Zahira and her makcikssss. Geram this pipi pao baby!

Woot woot! 

Gotta wait for at least the next 25 years before you can have your bridal shower babygurl

We went for a dinner and later dipped ourselves in the pool before calling it a day.

Meanwhile, I had my supper with my boo.....

.. who happens to be the photographer for Moley's wedding. He didn't even tell me about it until I saw him on the day itself, which of course got me so happy senyum sampai telinga mood all day My dad apa lagi, he even introduced him to all my aunts and uncles. Almaklum, bakal menantu~ hehehe.

Below are some pictures taken by none other than my favourite photographer in the whole wide world.

One of my favourite couples. 

Before the solemnization ceremony, the groom sat in front of all the guests and recite some surah from the Quran. Shed a few tears there listening to his voice and looking at my Moley. Knowing how she's been through shitty relationships in her past and finally found this guy, makes me so happy beyond words for her. 

After the wedding, I got to spend some time with the kareshi and I asked him how's it like working with me around. His reply?

"So distracting cos you keep looking at me then sengeh sengeh."

The clingy girlfriend-me caught on camera. Opps.


Countdown #7

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

One last month before we hit the half a year to go mark!

According to the wedding checklist, I am supposed to discuss with my bridesmaids about their outfit and shop for their kain by end this month. Since we are all getting married just weeks apart and obviously we are each others' bridesmaids, we have decided on the same white top for all our weddings, with different bottoms.

What I have in mind for my girls.

Last few months the kareshi surprised me with this:

....which gave me an idea of where to get the kain for my girls.


We're supposed to meet up at the end of this month to have these tailored. Got em from Contento Prints @ IG. Do check em out guys~

Btw in case you're wondering who my bridesmaids are, they are none other than....

... my bffs! 

Moving on, the kareshi and I were at ION last night and randomly dropped by the place where we bought my engagement bling bling. Gave it a little bit of cleaning and just thirty minutes later...

... wedding ring, checked! So impromptu, hehe.

We were served by the same person when we came here last two years. Funny how she still remembers us as the couple she helped take 874028374 pictures for using the camera. (hehe who doesn't remember their nonsense customers with nonsense requests). She helped us take pictures (again!) and I literally LOL at my poor kareshi's face. He looked sooooo grumpy in one of the pictures after the many poses I forced got him to do. (you know like step look at ring pose, step laugh pose, don't look at camera pose...)

Anyway, we sat at Starbucks after that to discuss more on my least favourite part of the wedding - the venue (urghhh). So he was telling me about his friend who tried to give his chosen CC a second call after they were told that it's blocked for a CC event on their wedding date. Apparently the CC event got cancelled and he got his chosen venue after all. Lucky fella!!

So of course, we got pretty hopeful and called Ulu Pandan again cos, who knows we also got lucky right? It was five minutes before the CC closes when I called. Reminded me of this tweet I saw lol.

Anyway what luck la. We still got a reply we didn't hope for. T_T

Sidetrack: Guess who is getting their house keys in T E N days time??!?!?


Overly attached boos

Saturday, April 16, 2016

My two girlfriends & I, I swear we can't get enough of each other. We're the kind of friends who will say we miss hanging out together just one day after our last meetup, and always saying I-love-yous to each other. (sogaydontcare) We also talk ALOT. Every single morning without fail, we'll send out good morning texts and the conversation will carry on till we say our good night wishes. I really think the number of messages we exchange in our WhatsApp in a day is =  me + kareshi in two weeks. hurhur.

This happened some time back but I just wanna write it here in case my memory fails on me.

One night we were chatting as usual when suddenly Tina told us she was listening to the radio and for whatever reason decided to call up the deejay and make a song dedication. She didn't expect the deejay (who was Dee Kosh) to pick up her call, but he did anyway so she dedicated a song to him. 

She then persuaded us to do the same.

It was close to midnight and I was already getting ready for bed. I swear if this was a request from any tom, dick or harry I would say MNL much, where got time seh. Plus I know my voice sound annoying on the phone and the thought of letting 3897837 hear it is so -_-

Minutes later, I heard Airah's voice on air. She had a short chat with Dee K before requesting for a song dedication for her (in her own words) best girlfiends and mentioned both Tina and my name. Can't help squealing in excitement!

So for the sake of fun (also after being pressured by those two jokers), I woke up and made my way to the kitchen. I was preparing the things to say in my mind while waiting for the Dee K to answer the phone...

Dee K: Hello!!!!  
Me : err hi! (in my head: Why did I agree to this?!)
Dee K: You're the last caller, do you want to take this live?
Me: errr....
Dee K: Okay let's go LIVE!!!
Me: *brain freeze*

I can't really remember what our conversation was about, except for this:

Dee K: So what is the song that you'd like to hear and who do you dedicate it to?
Me: I choose My Boo by Alicia Keys and Usher, and I dedicate it to my two best girlfriends Airah and Tina.
Dee K: Ohhhh are they your boos?
Me: Yes! My overly attached boos!

Funny how he didn't notice the people he talked to are all wishing to one another. lol lol 

So yeah that's the story of how random and retarded we are. But I still love these two boos SO much:)