The not so hopeless romantic one

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I spent my last Friday night with my two darling girls for an awesome staycation at Crown Plaza. (by awesome I meant attaching ourselves to the comfy king-sized bed and phone, lazing around like sloths 90% of the time...) Later that night when they were sleeping soundly, this happened:

I've mentioned a couple of times here before that this boyfriend of mine ranks pretty low in the romantic-o-meter. I used to wonder why, unlike most of my male friends, is he totally not into the whole declare-i-love-my-partner all over social medias or even surprises and other grand gestures. He doesn't say i-love-yous as often as I do and he definitely makes it seems like climbing a mountain is way easier than hearing him say he loves me back. 

But I guess after all these years I've learned that despite our many similarities, one thing's for sure, he expresses his feelings differently. & it's not something to fret about. Knowing how he'd rather get up from the bed and see me at that hour (without me asking to!) is a pretty huge sacrifice for me, especially when he has to work the next day. It may seem so simple and unromantic but these are the littlest things that unknowingly contribute to the growth of our relationship ;D

 oh how I love you, silly.

(his favourite reply to that is :"I know." -___-)


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