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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just turned 25 yesterday!

I was all smiles when I read back these two posts I wrote on my birthday some years back.

I love my life!! 

I was thinking of writing something similar this year but apart from being tied up with work, I also have to admit my life isn't as happening as it used to be so my list would probably stop at three. lol. But hey, I count my blessings every single day and I'm sure I have a very long list of things-to-be-grateful-for instead. 

I have been receiving A LOT of wishes via texts and in person, which is quite unexpected since I've changed the birthdate on my FB to a later date and I didn't post anything about it online hehe. Just like previous years, my BFFs would bombard my phone with wishes at midnight, and my girlfriends would send me a voice note of them singing the birthday song. My favourite wishes are the ones I receive from friends who come to me personally and make doa for both kareshi and I!
Al maklum lah last birthday as single lady katakan..... :p

I've also been getting a lot of gifts and surprises!

What happened last Sunday:

My girlfriends and I are champions when it comes to embarrassing each other in public.

But I love the attention so I had a great time definitely!

So many exciting things planned for the next few days, can't wait to blog all about my birthday week!


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