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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My mom, she's a totally amazing woman.

Every single morning, she would wake up at 5am to send off my dad at the door. I wake up half an hour later to find her in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. By the time I am about to leave home at about 6.15am, breakfast is already served on the table. She leaves home about half an hour later for work, reaches home at about five and the first thing that she does is to head straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

The most amazing thing about it all?

She never complains about being tired of doing it again and again. EVER.

(and here I am throwing a fit each time there's no food at home.....................)

This morning I had fried noodles, garlic bread with cheese, fish fillet and a cup of hot Milo on the table waiting for me before I leave for work. I've no idea why guys but I felt SO emo eating my breakfast that I went on a cry-fest!!! I am so dependent on her in so many ways and the thought of not having her living under the same roof with me in few months' time, is pretty.....hard to swallow for now.

We don't share the same level of patience and kindness but I hope one fine day if I were to to have my own mini-me(s), they will look up to me feeling as blessed and eternally grateful as I am of my mother.

Please grant this woman Jannah, dear God.


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