Countdown #8

Saturday, March 19, 2016


So, picking up from last month's update, the venue woe is still not over yet, boohoo. But thanks to a kind soul who dropped me an email with a list of wedding venues, I discovered a place which I instantly fall in love with - its huge pillar free ballroom, pretty lighting and so on! I was doubtful that my parents are going to give approval because it is located in the east (Pasir Ris to be exact) and the price is on the (veryyyyy) steep side.

Mustered up my courage to ask them and I was wrong!! Both my parents agreed almost immediately and seeing them enthusiastically asking me to book it as soon as possible made me on cloud nine. I was licking my lips at the thought of that beautiful place and told myself this better be it. My parents have never loved any of my possible venues THIS much, so it should be, right? 


W R O N G 

After several phone calls and exchange of emails, we decided to come down to check out the place. I asked the person-in-charge if the ballroom is available on my wedding date just before we do so and his reply.....well suffice to say, reading it brings a huge lump to my throat.

Thanks Begonia Ballroom, it was fun imagining my wedding with you while it lasted. *wails*

& that, ladies and gentlemen, makes the 7th rejected venue in our list. I'm seriously starting to wonder if changing the date is going to be a good idea.


Anywayyyy~ Moving on to happier things! We, or more specifically, my fussy darling kareshi, have finally decided on a videographer that he likes! Yes, it took him sooo~ long to choose one to the point I was mentally prepared that we won't have any videographer for our wedding since he gave me thumbs down for the ones I like. I'm not gonna elaborate who they are but if you ask me which videographer I think is the best and I have as my number one choice, I would say Bliss Photo+Cinema. (I may or may not be biased hahaha) But too bad I can't have them soooo yeah.

Gonna share some videos done by our chosen videographer: THE V

Except for their interview/speeches, the sometimes a bit too much(to me) of slow-mo effect and random black and white effect, the rest is MAD LOVE.


Anyway since I was so free for the past few days thanks to the March holidays, I came up with this:

Pretty sure I left a few things out, so I will add other updates as time pass by! I'm trying settle most of the things before the September holiday cos I know for sure Term 4 is not going to be a walk in the park, especially the last week. And the wedding is happening just one day after the last day of school so I don't wanna stress myself out and kill too much of my brain cells.T_T

Oh and may I add. Home renovation is happening at the same time as the timeline above so......




  1. Hi same-date btb.. I'm the one who booked Begonia haha (so ttm i know).

    You didn't reconsider Grassroots club? It was in your Excel list... there's also UE Convention centre too around the same budget, but not sure if it's still available now. There's always Joyden Hall too, but it's a little bit more if you're planning to book the whole day. Those were the few venue I was considering back then (i'm on team no court lines too). Good luck!

    1. oh hi same date btb!

      ahh so it was youuuuuuuu! hahaha. When did you book Begonia sei!

      Grassroot club was our second choice, unfortunately date was also already booked. Right now there are other CCs we are looking at(sigh court lines T_T) but since you've mentioned it, might consider Joyden Hall too. Thanks thanks :D


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