25th Birthday In a Nutshell

Thursday, March 17, 2016

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So the day before my birthday my girls appeared right in front of my bedroom door with a balloon, cake and card while singing, or should I say shouting, the birthday song. They were all smiles and laughter recording the entire thing while I, on the other hand, was so scared for my dear life cos I was inappropriately dressed and not forgetting my hair was in a mess and face was maha bacen.

Reminder to self: Be nice to these two girls forever cos who know what they'll do with that video hahaha

They got me to wear the same top as theirs and I was blindfolded in the car all the way to the surprise destination. Too bad they forgot to bring extra cloth to gag me with it and prevent me from asking 3294 million questions on where we're going, what we will be doing and endless please-help-me-update-snapchat-for-me requests. Sorry not sorry the last one is the most important thing ok.

So we reached Fish & Co Glasshouse and I was asked to remove the blindfold, only to be told to wear this errr...smelly shark outfit. I put it on anyway and everyone sang me a birthday song! Filled up our tummies with good food and off to the next surprise - Playnation before we called it a day.

The next day the kareshi surprised me with a new phone weee THANK YOU! Later that night we watched Munafik & oh my weak heart cannot take it. T_T Regret choosing to watch it the moment I sat down ok. The movie was good though, way better than Khurafat I feel. But can't say much about it cos thoughout the whole one and a half hour show, my eyes were closed for probably one hour. lol

Andddddddd the rest of the pictures you see are gifts I received from my colleagues! Like the mug with my caricature(Hello Kitty is SO ME!), Cath Kidston luggage tag and a card from my P, which goes perfectly well with my American Tourister luggage that Tina got for me for my birthday present.

Now everytime I look at the luggage in my bedroom, I can't wait to start shopping for my honeymoon! Not too early to start shopping for it, no?


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