Batam with my Babe

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Few weeks ago, I was in Batam with none other than... overly clingy/attached girlfriend! hehe

As you know I visit this place almost every three months for massage & spa, and you can read all about them here. Meanwhile, here are some highlights of our two days one night trip.

I first blogged about being friends with the Batam Fast ferry crew members three years ago and we've been close since then. Every time I'm off to Batam Hendrick and Angga would come down and meet me and vice versa. So that day, Hendrick picked us up and drove us to my favourite shop in Batam.

Everything here is dirt cheap. I can go crazy in this shop, really!!!!!

I swear no one shares my obsession for this cartoon more than my babe here.

Tina's excited face waiting for her banana cheese while I cringe behind the camera.

Of course, A&W is a MUST when I'm here.

Oh hi, Hendrick!
Probably wondering why are we such freaks for having to take 148 pics of everythanggg~

Harmoni Suites for the night.

Hendrick brought us to his home to meet his wifey, daughter and baby kitties. So so cute!

We caught a glimpse of the lovely sunset while on the way to WinsSpa. It's the same place I go to every single time and you can check out the prices in my blog post here.

Karaoke to end the night. Only 6 bucks for two hours hokay! I could go on singing for hours till the place closes down if it's not for my poor eyes that were begging me to shut down by eleven p.m. T_T #ageiscatchingup


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