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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This year, the kareshi and I, we've agreed to minimise our dates & meet ups. I guess we're doing great so far cus we haven't met at all this year and still zero i-miss-you breakdowns. haha.

But anyway, we kinda broke our deal today. You see, I had a really terrible fight with someone last night. I was miserable beyond words and having a cry fest on the bed for hours. All I wanted to do was to tell kareshi about it but he was out with his friends so I can't be selfish and demand immediate attention rightttt so, I just sleep it off.

Today as Miss red-puffy-eyes-me was having my lesson, my TA knocked on my door and told me someone from MOE is here to see me. I was like grumbling inside my head thinking who this MOE person could possibly be like why can't you wait till the end of the day to see me or at least just call me or something bla bla bla. And as soon as I stepped out of the door, lo and behold.............

It's my boo!! Did you guys guess correctly or not? LOL.
By the way, the picture shows my exact reaction lah hahaha

Anyway he came just to ask me what happened and make sure I was feeling better. He said I sound so emo last night so he just want to check up on me. He even waited for my classes & meeting to be over so that we can leave my workplace together. Aww sweetness level 1000 huh somebody please just pass him the Best Boyfriend in the Planet award right meow?!?!

Grumpy cat at work. Hehe

Now that we finally met after almost three weeks (which felt like three months T_T), I wonder how we even did it? Like hello what was I thinking when I suggested it in the first place seh. I spammed my phone with his pictures and videos, and of course my Snapchat too. Sorry not sorry friends on my SC for the mushy captions lol. I hope he will forget our meet only once a month deal or else I'll have to (purposely) come up with another emo breakdown just to see him surprising me at my workplace. :p 


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