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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

As mentioned in some post back, I was in Chiang Mai for a school culture immersion trip. I had a ball of a time but I was there for work so obviously it wan't as enjoyable as if I were there for a holiday with my loved ones. I have tons of pictures from the four days trip so today, I'm gonna share two interesting places I enjoyed the most and hope to visit again if I ever come back someday.

 Oh btw, you'll find pictures of people with cartoon over their face. They're my students whose identity I don't wish to reveal on this blog:)


I was really looking forward to this the most when I first received the itinerary. Even though I would say my very first encounter with a (baby) elephant in Phuket last June was pretty... horrifying. I mean, what do you expect from two Miss Overreacting champions like me and Tina? lolol. I bet even the elephant would describe its experience with us as scary.

Elephant feeding time! No shrieks of terror and tears this time for me, phew.

Thanks to my student for snapping 974892347384 shots before getting the perfect one. Geli gila ok!

Yes these elephants can play soccer and dance...

.... and paint! Even better than I could ever do :(

Guess what these are?

hehe colourful elephant poo for you?


Hands on time! Making our own passport cover using the elephant poo paper. 



The next day, we headed down to the Umbrella Making Centre.

Can't thank my students enough for helping(even though reluctantly T_T) me with my OOTDs and shameless poses pictures like this hehe :p

We watched how the artists do their umbrella painting. Astonishing workmanship!!

...& then we tried for ourselves.

Some of our artworks. Not bad huh?

While waiting for them to dry, we walked around to check out the artists' works and let them paint something of ours for only 40 baht. Look what I did to my N2....

.... for only two bucks!!! Initially I only requested for the front to be painted but upon seeing how pretty it is(IRL is 1000x more), I asked the artist to do the back too. MAD LOVE so I ended up giving my artist $20.

Okay ending this post with a selfie of me, my umbrella and my kiddos.....

.... aka my IG photographers when in Chiang Mai. ^^


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