Friday, December 11, 2015

This date, exactly two years ago I was in......

Hong Kong! + Macau !!!

Can't believe it has been two years! All four of us were single at that point of time and today, one is now married while two are engaged. Ahh time sure flies fast doesn't it? Who knows another two years down the road we will be looking back at this date and we're all mummies already? Oh tak eh. teehee. Oh I also can't believe it actually took me two long years to finally complete the video for this trip. Well you know since I'm having my break now and I don't get to travel this month *cries blood*, what else can I spend all my time on right...

I miss you Hong Kong!!!! I'll come back for sure.

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  1. 2 years and we all changed status. hahaha. I reallyyyy miss hong kong with you girls!!! nak pergi trip together lagi! Japan next! heheheh.

  2. IKR! Time flies~ Yes insyAllah one day Japan. Disneyland again!!


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