Last bits of 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2015

How do you like my new skin?  ^^

Me? I SUPER LOVE IT!!! hehehe #praisingmyownwork

Anyways, it's the last few hours of the year and unlike previous years, I choose to stay away from the crowd this time round. I have a few friends asking me out to watch the what-seems-like-ten-seconds-only-fireworks at midnight later but man...gone were the days where I have the energy to stay up till the wee hours of the morning, you know? Nowadays I start to yawn non-stop at eight and my eyes would auto shut down by ten p.m. -_-

Currently with the kareshi in his office. Look here's a quick snap from photo booth!

He's reading drafts from this blog from wayyy back in 2008 and couldn't stop commenting how skinny I used to be. Those times when my jawline was visible and double chin + flabby arms don't exist.


So my first 2016 resolution? Got to get that weight back.

oh yes, that was the same resolution since two years back..... lol


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