Best Friends Forever

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Some weeks back, my girls and I paid a visit to our....

... alma mater!

So Dunearn opened its gates to the public recently for a homecoming as it will be going through redevelopment at the end of the year. Quite honestly we were only there for the food - the famous black pepper chicken rice! *salivates* 

So sad our dear Hariz couldn't join us. Can't believe we first met each other here 11 years ago?!

The room that we've been in far too many times due to daily late coming, short skirts, coloured hair and refusal to do home works. All except for Ira, the perfect angel, the teacher's pet and the school leader who just happens to be in this CMI students clique hahah.

Meet Mr Rani, our PE teacher. Believe it or not we've never pass our 2.4km run during our entire four years in school. EVER. Except Ira, of cos. 

The two teachers I will never ever forget. My Malay teacher who helped me get straight As for my favouite subject. The other one is my Math teacher who made me hate my least favourite subject more than I already have. I remember crying SO BAD when I was first sent to detention by him cos he literally screamed in my face and when he saw my quivering lips he gave me a death stare with his huge eyeballs almost popping out. 

What a monster....but serve me right for breaking the school rule in the first place lol.

My always. To many more wonderful years and memories, my best friends forever.


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