Last bits of 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2015

How do you like my new skin?  ^^

Me? I SUPER LOVE IT!!! hehehe #praisingmyownwork

Anyways, it's the last few hours of the year and unlike previous years, I choose to stay away from the crowd this time round. I have a few friends asking me out to watch the what-seems-like-ten-seconds-only-fireworks at midnight later but man...gone were the days where I have the energy to stay up till the wee hours of the morning, you know? Nowadays I start to yawn non-stop at eight and my eyes would auto shut down by ten p.m. -_-

Currently with the kareshi in his office. Look here's a quick snap from photo booth!

He's reading drafts from this blog from wayyy back in 2008 and couldn't stop commenting how skinny I used to be. Those times when my jawline was visible and double chin + flabby arms don't exist.


So my first 2016 resolution? Got to get that weight back.

oh yes, that was the same resolution since two years back..... lol


Twenty Fifteen - In a Nutshell

Monday, December 28, 2015

I can't believe the year is almost coming to an end. Ahhh seems like it was only yesterday that I posted about my to-do list for 2014 and later the same year, the Best of 2014. This year is not exactly the best one I guess but it has been exciting nevertheless. (My two years of being single was the best, yay to freedom and zero responsibilities!!) 2015 is all about saving, less travelling (sigh x infinity...) and more saving! A couple of my closed ones got engaged/married/gave birth at an alarming fast rate to a point it scares me a little. :/

Anyway,  here's my twenty fifteen in a nutshell for you.

Jan : Got engaged 
Jan : Booked wedding bridal - Ishq by Nora Zee
Feb : My bestfriend Ira got engaged
Feb : Watched Anuar Zain live
Feb : Bought two years gym membership with turns out to be a complete waste of my $$ -_-
March : Turned 24! Celebrated my first birthday with kareshi. One of the best nights with him :D
March : Booked wedding deco - Comel Molek
March : Watch One Direction live! Bought tickets on the morning of the show
April : Booked wedding caterer - Puteri Wedding Services
May : Bestfriend Lysa got engaged
May : Turi Beach Resort with my three big sisters
May : Selected out flat. Yay!
May : Started hot Yoga. The transformation is amazing. You should give it a try!
June : Phuket with Tina!
June : Kareshi turned 28. Cooked for him his favourite sambal and black pepper prawns
July : Super busy with work. Blogged only twice this month - that explains
July : Got obsessed with my home. Keep wanting to view it lol
August : Signed Agreement of Lease for our future abode
August : Happiest 5K run
September : Booked wedding cake - Ola Lola
October : Chiang Mai for work
November : Stayed at KSL for Wan's birthday surprise
December : Staycay at Hotel Jen OrchardGetaway for Tina's birthday surprise
December : Jb every single Saturday!

So yeah most of the things you see are about the kareshi, our wedding and future home. Pretty much how it will be for next year as well. Worry, a bit but looking forward to it most definitely.


When In Chiang Mai...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

As mentioned in some post back, I was in Chiang Mai for a school culture immersion trip. I had a ball of a time but I was there for work so obviously it wan't as enjoyable as if I were there for a holiday with my loved ones. I have tons of pictures from the four days trip so today, I'm gonna share two interesting places I enjoyed the most and hope to visit again if I ever come back someday.

 Oh btw, you'll find pictures of people with cartoon over their face. They're my students whose identity I don't wish to reveal on this blog:)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

On the day my dear girlfriend Tina turned sweet '21', Airah and I had a lil surprise for her. Staycay at Jen OrchardGetaway -> AMPED TRampline Park -> iSnap -> Karaoke + lots of fun and laughter. Love these two so much! Here's a video before I blog every single detail about the day. 

Girls Just Wna Have Fun!
On the day our dear Tina Andresha turned sweet 21, Airah Sjd & I had a lil surprise for her. Staycay at Jen OrchardGetaway -> AMPED Trampoline Park -> iSnap -> Karaoke + lots of fun and laughter. Love these two so much! & Yes, girls just wna have fun xx
Posted by Nyna Sakina on Saturday, December 19, 2015

Yes, girls just wanna have fun, don't they?

Countdown #11

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Not much progress for our wedding ever since we settled our wedding cake two months back. Not sure if I'm being a huge procrastinator or it simply hasn't sunk in yet that I'm getting married. One thing for sure, there are others who are more kiasu and excited than I am - my parents for example. They've already settled dad and bro's outfits few days back and here I am, still couldn't decide on the colours of my outfits T_T

Meanwhile, this date means.....

ahhhh is this for real?
*butterflies in my mind*


Instagram Boyfriend

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pretty sure most of you've seen the Instagram Husband video on Facebook by now, no? Hey guess who can relate 200% to it? LOL. Lucky for me, my poor Instagram Boyfriend is one awesome photographer, teehee. 



Friday, December 11, 2015

This date, exactly two years ago I was in......

Hong Kong! + Macau !!!

Can't believe it has been two years! All four of us were single at that point of time and today, one is now married while two are engaged. Ahh time sure flies fast doesn't it? Who knows another two years down the road we will be looking back at this date and we're all mummies already? Oh tak eh. teehee. Oh I also can't believe it actually took me two long years to finally complete the video for this trip. Well you know since I'm having my break now and I don't get to travel this month *cries blood*, what else can I spend all my time on right...

I miss you Hong Kong!!!! I'll come back for sure.

To read my posts for this trip, you can click HERE(Hong Kong) HERE (Macau).
Also, check out my scrap blog posts here and here!


Ridhwan's Birthday Surprise

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ridhwan Iskandar's Birthday Surprise!
A trip back to where my girls Ira Hazirah, AyuLysa Love & Fina first met 11 years ago - Dunearn Sec! Followed by a surprise birthday celebration for Ridhwan Iskandar in JB. xx
Posted by Nyna Sakina on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

So right after heading down to our alma mater, we met up with the guys for our stay at Jb! Made an impromptu decision to spend a night at KSL and we're so loving the apartment. So spacious and clean! We had a simple surprise for Wan wearing our Liverpool jerseys just to annoy the birthday boy, who is a Chealsea fan btw, when the clock strikes midnight and another one the next day at Tony Roma's. Too lazy to sort out the 4830284 pictures so, here's a video! Enjoy!


Best Friends Forever

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Some weeks back, my girls and I paid a visit to our....

... alma mater!

So Dunearn opened its gates to the public recently for a homecoming as it will be going through redevelopment at the end of the year. Quite honestly we were only there for the food - the famous black pepper chicken rice! *salivates* 

So sad our dear Hariz couldn't join us. Can't believe we first met each other here 11 years ago?!

The room that we've been in far too many times due to daily late coming, short skirts, coloured hair and refusal to do home works. All except for Ira, the perfect angel, the teacher's pet and the school leader who just happens to be in this CMI students clique hahah.

Meet Mr Rani, our PE teacher. Believe it or not we've never pass our 2.4km run during our entire four years in school. EVER. Except Ira, of cos. 

The two teachers I will never ever forget. My Malay teacher who helped me get straight As for my favouite subject. The other one is my Math teacher who made me hate my least favourite subject more than I already have. I remember crying SO BAD when I was first sent to detention by him cos he literally screamed in my face and when he saw my quivering lips he gave me a death stare with his huge eyeballs almost popping out. 

What a monster....but serve me right for breaking the school rule in the first place lol.

My always. To many more wonderful years and memories, my best friends forever.