Last Friday Night....

Friday, November 27, 2015

My look for this year's dinner and dance! I've always been the no makeup kind of girl, so you can imagine how shocked I was when I looked at my own reflection after the one hour wait. One hand was touching my face (nose, to be exact. like how can it suddenly look so sharp lol) just to make sure it's really me and the other was picking up my jaw that has dropped on the floor. Hehe.

I love it so much!!!!!!! (hence the endless selfies and videos on my Snapchat sorry not sorry friends)

Just wanna let you guys know, if you're looking for someone to doll you up for any event at a pretty reasonable price, look up for @izzahhafiyah on Instagram. She's such a sweet person who does her work real quick and really easy to get along with too. Oh she does makeup for Putih Bridal and she has a superbly cute daughter so go stalk follow her. :p



Thursday, November 19, 2015

Past few days have been exciting yet hectic at work, which explains the lack of updates. Seriously guys I've a lot to share but I'm so busy working all day err day. Currently I'm in the computer lab watching my kiddos watching Inside Out. Nothing for them to do anyway cos it's the last day of the last week of the last term for year 2015!! 

Ahh is that freedom I'm smelling? I've been looking forward to this day since day one of school term in Jan lol

This date is also another day that I am going to start a new countdown.

Yay!! This date exactly one more year to go!!