Cool as a Cucumber

Saturday, October 31, 2015

I had a mini heart attack experience yesterday, you guys.

So just like any other typical weekday, I woke up early in the morning and cleaned the house. I was in a good mood so I did the laundry as well. Perks of working in the p.m. session! Got ready for work after breakfast which usually takes no lesser than one hour. Hehe. Last thing I did after sashaying in front of my full length mirror & feeling satisfied with what I see, was to get my engagement ring out from the box.

But yesterday, it was not there. My heart froze for a sec.

Ran to the kitchen and then to the toilets, searched everywhere for my precious bling-bling. I was literally shouting for it okay. Thank God I was alone at home, or else my mom would have used her favorite line on me. You see, my brother and I, we're always losing/forgetting our stuff and each time mom finds out she'd go...

"Ah Korang memang! Nasib baik * korang lekat kat badan kalau tak hilang jugak!!"

She'd say that standard line ala Bonda Bedah with hands on the hips like that lol

Okay back to the story!

Seriously, the thought of losing my ring made my blood run cold. *cries* What should I do? Should I tell the kareshi? What if he gets mad at me? Omg the thought of that is 100x scarier than losing the ring *shivers*

Grabbed my phone and texted him anyway. Added a few crying emojis to gain sympathy haha

I was frantically looking at every corner of the living room when I heard a message notification from kareshi. (I have a special ringtone set for his messages. In fact I have different ringtones for messages from different groups of people. hehe) I had to calm myself  down for a few secs before gathering my guts to check his reply.

Honestly I was expecting red angry emojis but the only ones I saw was the smiley with tear on its forehead. T_T

To cut the long story short, after a good thirty minutes search which resulted in cold sweats and teary eyes, I found it!! Right at the back of its box. -_- Cracked my brain so hard trying to remember the last time I saw it, messed up my eyeliner and mascara all for nothing! Bet my ring would be laughing at me if it could. It must have enjoyed the morning drama huh.

Broke the news to the kareshi and still, cool as before. Even added a smiley emoji with sunglasses.

"Kalau betul2 hilang, how?" I asked.

"It's okay if you lose the ring, at least you don't lose me. I love you baby!" - what I expect him to answer me.

What he actually answered me - "Beli baru *smiley with teeth*"


So there you have it, story of Miss kancheong spider & Mr cool cucumber. Living proof that opposite attracts, no?


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