Cats' Safari

Thursday, October 29, 2015

 I heard about a newly opened cat therapy centre so obviously it is a major sin for a crazy cat lady like me not to give it a visit! Dragged my partner in crime Tina who is just as crazy about cats as me. 

Cats' Safari 
110 Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore 288000
Sat-Sun:: 1:00 pm-7:00 pm
6314 9363
Entrance Fee: $5 for adults | $3 for students

Located at Turf Club Road, this cats' heaven is about ten minutes walk from the nearest bus stop.

Our slot was set at 3pm but upon registration we were informed that we can only enter at 3.15 p.m.  A friendly staff covered in tattoos greeted us and apologized, as he continued to explain the shift in timing. Can't remember what he said but what I do remember is that he was all smiley and cheerful and I thought that his a bit ah beng look doesn't match his friendly personality haha.

Well turns out he is the 'boss' of Cats' Safari lol

Before we were allowed to enter, Derrick (da boss) gathered everyone and shared a little bit about the history of the place and the cats. He went on and on and on under the hot sun and I could feel my sweat rolling down my back! I swear I can hear the person behind me cursing under her breath.

After what seems like 10 hours, he FINALLY finished talking and everyone just rushed into the place.

Ok I kid. Not everyone, it's just me. Hehe

& this was what we're greeted with at the front door!!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilates*

Some of the kitties were having their catnap..


Can't resist trying to place my sunnies on it but it woke up and clearly wasn't happy about it lol


Error 404 : Brain not found
*brain meltdown due to cuteness overload*

My favourite. An American curl!!!!!!!! omg look at those ears! and eyes! and omg those paws I kennut!

Those eyes! You can ask me anything cutie I'll give you whatever! Food? Toys? My life? Okay can.

Wanna bring you home! But first, let's take a catfie

Yes, the cats love my bag! Y u no love me instead.

Sedap makan beg orang?

Cats cats everywhereeeeee! 

One hour and almost 200 pictures later, we had to leave cos the time is up. (yes you get to spend only one hour with these furry friends. Time flies so fast when you're having fun and passes at 38738762x slower speed when you're at work huh T_T) Boohoo.

As you can see the cats are really friendly, pretty much the opposite of the ones Tina and I experienced with at several cat cafes. The cats here will run to to if you have a toy in your hand. Or you can just bring a bag with long straps like mine, they will chase you like crazy I tell you. Derrick sat with us and chit-chat with everyone. Such a nice guy, God bless his kind heart for taking care of these felines.

You can read more about him and Cats' Safari here.

Guess who are the Cats' Safari soon-to-be frequent visitors? Hehe


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