Best weekend ever!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kareshi and I, we never had a chance to spend our weekends together no thanks to his photography assignments. However last week we managed to make use of Friday + the whole weekends, together :D It's our first time so of course such happy (and rare) things must be shared on this blog hahaha

Last Friday Little Miss Fussy was craving for ban mian so off to Causeway we went. As usual I took more than an hour to finish up my food lol poor kareshi had to (reluctantly) wait for me. We spent some time in the arcade while waiting for our movie show to start. Everest is two thumbs up guys. Guess who flooded the cinema theatre?

Woke up really early the next day and off to Jurong East with my babysis to meet kareshi and his brother. Took the Cw3 bus to Tuas and alighted at Bukit Indah Aeon just for my A&W. Service was so slow omg as usual. Can you imagine the person who took our order was the one who made the waffles, prepared the float, went in and out of the ktichen to get our burgers, all this, while the kareshi and I were waiting at the counter to take our $. tsk tsk.

Cabbed down to CIty Square, bought tickets to watch Jwanita. OH DEAR GOD MY POOR HEART. I cannot take it! T_T

& of course, my day in JB is not complete without a visit to The Ice-cream Project :D

Dropped by his office on Sunday to accompany him do his work and surprise surprise, he got me two dUckscarves :D Had an early lunch at his secondary school teacher's place. Such a nice guy who shared some advice on hal ehwal rumah tangga hehe. Since our home sweet home is just minutes away, we went up by the opposite block to check out the progress! It was also our first time viewing our future home together :D

Then we went to Changi Airport for dinner with his clients at 4Fingers. His current fav thing to eat all day errday.

The next day I fetched my best friend Ira from work at the airport after work with my babe Noriz. Kareshi came down and once again had 4Fingers for dinner. lol freak I tell you/


Aiyah I miss this!! Now it's back to the same old boring weekends without boo...... :(


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