Happiest 5K!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My two kakaks & I signed up for the Color Run last month for the sake of fun. I mean, having colored cornstarch tossed at us from different angles, then entering our eyes, nose,mouth and possibly lungs, is fun, right? lol 

Btw, I was editing my pictures on PicMonkey as always when I noticed a new feature, hence the background. :p

Free monorail ride to Sentosa for us so of course the queue was cray cray. 

Photobomb man level 9000!!  He's probably wondering why on earth am I applying paint on my face with one hand and taking selfies with another...

We're here!! All ready to run... not. 

Our semangat (lima minit..) faces. 

Counting down. 3, 2, 1! 

We ran for about two minutes before we agreed to just walk. Well that's the plan anyway. Hehe 

Guess the first color station. Avatar is that you?

Second station is my favourite color        

Ahh still can't believe this babe of mine is married already...

Green for the third station. Almost done...

....and finally the last color! 

Since we're right next to the beach, we made a detour. 

On my way down to do the supta vajrasana but it wasn't captured T_T 

The pose for yoga dummies. 

The line we were all looking forward to since the beginning of the fun run huahuahua

We stayed for the post-run party, filled with good music and people dancing near the stage. 

Rainbow-barfed us! 

If you were to ask me if the sixty-five bucks was worth it, my answer is probably no. But we had fun with this one of a kind experience, so who cares! For now, I don't see myself participating in any more runs in the future, unless kareshi finally says yes to my never-ending serious convincing to join a run together. 


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