One Step Closer

Monday, August 24, 2015

 I can't be the only one who sings to the song A Thousand Years as I read the title, right?


So yeah my kareshi and I are a step closer to owning our humble abode! We signed our agreement for lease on August 13th 2015 lol just wanna type that date for memory's sake.

The CSO took a really long time to print our documents so....selfie time! Just look at his expressions.
 The more shots I took the grumpier he gets lololol

Sidetrack a bit. I am SOOO loving my new matte satins shawl!Initially bought them in four colours but then the kareshi bought me ten more cos he prefers me wearing them. Shank you, Best Boyfriend award goes to you!!!

Three days later our neighbours posted these on our FB page.

. Fences have been removed ya'll!
Some kiasu neighbours sneaked in at night so few days later the fences were up again -_-

Then last week kareshi took these shots from the school opposite our unit.

InsyaAllah we will be getting the keys before our wedding. So this time next year I'll probably be blogging from my new home already hehe. Okay it may sound exciting but actually scary at the same time for me.....................

Meanwhile, anyone knows where I can find a money tree where I can simply pluck off moolahs from it cos right now saving for wedding AND a house is NO JOKE. T_T


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