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Friday, June 5, 2015

Recently, kareshi got a new bike. A much bigger than the previous one so I don't enjoy being his passenger.

After our date last night, as usual I told him that I would like to take the bus home instead despite his offer to send me by bike. We walked to the bus stop outside Somerset from Wheelock, and the plan is for him to board the bus with me and later drop off outside Royal Plaza on Scotts, where he had his bike parked while I continue with the bus ride home.

At the bus stop, this Little Miss Fickle Minded me told her poor sweet lover that she wants to drop off with him and take the bike instead. He looked at me as the corner of his lips curled downwards and I got myself prepared for him to scream "You should have told me earlier woman!!!!" at me.

But he didn't. Instead, he smiled and said "Okay no problem"

On the way back home I can't wipe the smirk off my face thinking about how much of a nonsense I am. #1. I could have just taken his bike home #2. Even if I don't wish to, I could have just taken the bus right at Rp instead of choosing to go all~~ the way to Somerset. #3. Poor guy is going for his leg operation next week and they hurt after walking for some time yet he still walked the long distance for me.

How can he stand me ah even I can't stand my own self at times hahaha

Actually it's also a good thing I changed my mind and went back to Rp cos if I hadn't, I wouldn't have bumped into Siti Nurhaliza at the toilet, get a selfie and talk to her omg. Big fan here!

Anyway the reason why I want to share about this here is because nowadays I have this habit of teasing him over the littlest things he does. I sent him these pictures few days ago (Click click!) so every time he's being extra sweet, I'll be like...

"Ohh ten years later this would be a different story right?"

& he'd be like "Maybe?"

Gahh!! So from now I shall document every sweet little thing he did for me so that ten years down the road when he really does change, *touch wood!!!* the future me will then show the future him(he would be almost forty by then lolol) and remind him to be as sweet as he used to be. :p

 photo krh_zpsb1zkoifp.jpg

For now, just stay the same okay?


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