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Monday, June 29, 2015

I was catching up with a friend who is getting married three months after me and was shocked to find out she has booked everything. From the big stuff like caterer and deco to things like door gifts, bridesmaids outfits and even her wedding shoes, well her checklist is basically complete. Holy moly. How come I don't share the same level of kancheong-ness & dedication for my own wedding preparations like her eh?

So what do I have on the checklist so far?

Deco - Check
Caterer - Check
Andaman - Check
Kompang - Check
Venue - Half-check. 
Photographer/Videographer - Check, I think? This one boss wanna settle
Entertainment - Also boss want to settle the kettle
Invitation cards - DIY, me guess

What else?

Oh ok I know. The most important item in the list..........................

Groom - Check!!!!!

What do you mean it shouldn't be in the list? This one I'm bringing home with me forever guise lolol

Anyway it's his birthday today. Few days back he told me he wna make some lauk udang after watching that Ketuk-ketuk Ramadhan show. Oh how cute, I chuckled, clearly I am underestimating his kitchen skills.

I made a mental note about it so being the (self-proclaimed) awesome girlfriend that I am, I cooked sambal udang and have it delivered to his office for buka yesterday. Not only that, I also made black pepper prawns, with so much love. Ehemm I mean with my mom's help lah lol I can't cook for nutzxzz okay?!

The things I'd do for you la my dear.

Along with Mom's chicken rice and pengat pisang plus sugarcane + lemon bought by Fiq.

He loves it! So far no sign of diarrhea from him so all is fine.

Happy birthday my wonderful kareshi!! Sorry no fancy gifts but hey this year you've got a fiancee so that's considered the best gift so far, right? Thank you for always encouraging me to grow, for letting me do the things I love which others may frown upon (for now hehe),  for not clinging on me and for everything else.

Please enjoy the next sixteen months to the fullest before I have you wrapped around my finger after that.

Ok I kid about the latter part. 

I think. 

Love you! This one, I kid you not. :p


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