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Friday, June 12, 2015

Just got back from Phuket!!!

Okay I know, I know.. I've said so many times that I'm not going to travel anymore but I can't help it!

Today I am not going to share about my trip but rather something interesting that just happened recently...

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We applied under the Sale of Balance flats excercise last November and received the much awaited ballot number three months after. 99 is definitely not a much desired number but I'm still thankful nonetheless.

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Two months ago I got this delivered to my place. Excited mucho!

Kareshi came over to my place and we discussed about the blocks/units that we would prefer out of the 53 units available. In the end we selected one estate that is pretty near to the interchange and his school, and another that's just next to his friends' cribs and a short walking distance to the mosque.

Since then, I can't stop myself from stalking the HDB app every few hours a day and hoping that the Lady Luck will shine bright upon me so that none of the units will get booked before our appointment.

In reality, these units got booked as fast as hot cakes! I get heebie-jeebies each time I see a decrease in the number of units available. Every time I see that my units are not affected, I let out a breathe of relief I didn't realise I've been holding. But before long, all ten dream units were fully booked. BOOHOO :(

Last two weeks, we chose to carry on with our appointment anyway.

The process of the flat selection is really fuss-free & easy squeezy lemon peasy.

1. Scan your IC at the self-service kiosk to get your queue number.
2. Wait and continue waiting. Ours was right on time so we didn't wait for long.
3. Customer Service Officer will attend to you and ask for all the relevant documents. Ask as many questions as you wish to clarify with the CSO.
4. Select your unit!!
5. Go to Level 3 to make payments for option fee. $2K for 4/5-room flats and $1k for 3-room flats.
6. Get back to your CSO and sign 101 documents.
7. Think of all the ways to tighten your belt cos now you have to start saving moolahs till you've got wrinkles tattoo-ed on your face. LOL

Okay so that's it! Except for the last point, the whole process took us about 45 minutes.

In the end we selected a unit that is not what we preferred at first but we're still okay with it anyway. There's a few primary schools around, (in fact our unit is facing one) all within a 1km distance so I'm hoping that it will be easier for me when I ask for a transfer next year and for my future children as well :p

It feels so surreal as I walked out of the HDB hub. I mean I just selected my own home guise!! That's definitely not something that I have under my to-do-before-I-turn-25 list I have years back. My ideal life to have at this age planned by the twenty one year old version of me is to be single and free from commitments, work real hard and travel even harder.

Settling down was never in my list, what more getting a house.

Still, I'm so thankful for how life turns out for me, of cos! ^^

Back to the story, I was in such a good mood that day. Kareshi and I went to IKEA later that day, TWICE - one at Alexander and then at Tampines, and looking at the furniture got me making mental notes for the type of house I want to have. We had a very nice lunch with his friend and client followed by early dinner with his colleagues. Such a happy day it was, just typing and thinking about it now makes me so happy :D

& there you have it. My first post for our humble abode, out of the many upcoming ones I foresee. Looking forward to build this cosy nest with the love of my life and share all about it here! 

Till then, I see you next year mi casa. 

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  1. Hi can i have your email or any means of contact to ask you some questions? :) thank you.

    1. Hi hi,
      You can drop me an email at ngnaaa@gmail.com :>


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