Growing Up

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Late last night, Hariz dropped me a text asking me if I'm free to meet him up cos he's feeling down and he needs to talk about it. After insisting that I get the green light from kareshi, he picked me up at my place an hour later.You see, while most girls have to go home by midnight, it is the other way round for me lol

We headed out to our usual spot at Holland Village's Starbucks where he poured his problems and all Lysa and I can do is lend him our listening ears and give our honest feedback. After that he drove around town since he is not in the mood to go back yet. We ordered McD and sang to the songs from Class 95fm to lift the mood up.

Suddenly it dawned upon me.

Come end of next year, there's no such thing as our usual random meetups like this. I don't have the luxury of just showing up at my best friends' place and make myself at home at any time of the day. Or having them to show up at my doorstep when I am bawling my eyes out on bed over stupid life decisions and then make me feel better. It's 4.36am as I'm typing this and I just got back home. Doubt I can still do this once I'm married.

Feels like we're growing up too fast. I was thinking about all this in the car and it makes me so......sad.  :(

Funny how day by day it seems like nothing has changed but when I look back, everything's different.


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