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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Since we've decided to do a combined wedding, space is no doubt the most important factor in choosing our venue. Obviously the void deck can't make it to the list. Reason being #1. Space limitation considering the number of guests we're expecting #2 we live on the opposite side of the island so I'd rather save the time. Plus no aircon somemore lol. 

Some other considerations before deciding on the venue include its accessibility, whether or not it has ample parking or is cooking &washing on site is allowed and space for our family members to hang out cos I don't want seat hoggers who refuse to let other poor guests who just came have their seat.

Also I prefer NOT to have those MPHs with measurement marks on the floor. Major pet peeve!! My kareshi thought that it's weird. It's not ok! Please, somebody tell me I'm not the only one who thinks it is ugly. -_-

When we first met Uncle Lan from Comel Molek, he suggested a venue which is included in one of their packages. For a price of twenty something K, we will get this venue, decoration and catering provided by CM, free shuttle bus service from Boon Keng MRT, complimentary carpark for 15 guest (there's a multi-storey carpark next to it), complimentary sireh dara and wedding cake, prayer room, groom gets to use a Deluxe room for that day and lastly a two days one night stay with breakfast provided in that hotel.

Sounds good right? Naz and his wife were there with us as well and they too agreed that it's a great deal.

Come I show you some pictures of this place..............

The floor plan.

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According to Uncle Lan, we can fit up to 25 tables. Spacious hor!!

We went to check out the venue last February with my parents and this is how it looks like.

Outside the two rooms entrances.

The space that separates the two rooms, which is also the dessert area.

Dining(top) and buffet(below) area.

The open space. Nice place for people to lepak unless it rains.

A week later my parents went for the food tasting. I got thumbs down from them so we scrapped the idea of having CM as our caterer and eventually the venue as well. After stalking videos of weddings that were once held there, I felt that it wasn't that spacious after all. Once the kompang boys come in and everyone starts to stand up, it'd look SO cramp just like in the videos that I've watched. Me no like!

Since then, the hunt for a venue begins! I started by looking through the list of venues for a Malay wedding in Singapore. I clicked every single link, got my trustworthy friend Google to do his job to find reviews, videos and price, if possible. Next, I sent out an email to places that are not outdoor, have positive reviews, spacious enough for more than 1K guests, within our budget and not located somewhere that is so~ ulu. 

I did the same thing for CCs in Singapore. I created an Excel to collate the replies I got. If you're interested, you can click HERE. You can find more info about places like Grassroots' Club, Silat Federation and different CCs MPH. I email-ed more but apparently only these few replied.

Later, the kareshi suggested a CC cos he heard that the hall is huge. The kancheong spider me sent them an email immediately and got my reply almost immediately too. Since he also has a friend cum client whose wedding is going to be held at this place, of course I just have to go and check it out.

So this was yesterday. 

Hands down the most beautiful wedding I've ever witnessed okay.

Space wise, the hall is indeed big. There were 25 tables during this wedding and still there's one empty court at the back for the food. There's like a basketball court just next to the MPH so kids can play around there, a lounge in the first floor so I hope I won't see any seat hoggers. Location wise, easily accessible as there's a bus stop right in front of the CC. I walked to the nearest MRT station and it took me only 10 mins.

So I guess this particular CC will be our chosen venue for now unless we find a bigger and better hall, that is. My parents were also fine with it so I guess I just need to prepare for May 2016 and make sure I am the first to arrive at the CC with the booking forms.

Here's a super rare selfie of us.

Anyway while I was talking to him back in the hall, something quite disturbing caught my attention.

Me :"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!" *Points to the floor*
Him : "See, you didn't notice them when you entered just now right?So it doesn't actually matter!"

But it's so ugly..............

Updated (27/01/2016):
Thanks all for your comments and emails related to this post, both positive and negative(boo!).If you're looking for a more complete and oh so gorgeous venues for your wedding, you can click here (

Updated (14/03/2017)
Read my review on my wedding venue here!



  1. Hi,may I know which cc is that?

  2. our budget very low dear..settle MPH or void deck..why bitch around..if big budget do at ollywood lor..aiyaaa.. setakat budget belwo 30k..bla bla wedding at MPH ..tak ada apa pon.

    So MPH wedding cheap skate lah? come another pompuan budget secupak nak jadi segantang

  3. I will say it is all up to individual and rezeki masing masing. Even if kite nak buat wedding $50 bawah blk also it doesnt matter lagi afdal pon dalam masjid, you see tongue will always wag. This is the problem with our very own society susah nak nampak org lain senang susah nk tgk bangsa sendiri maju, jatuhkan kekaum sendiri.

    May you have a blissful Wedding ahead!😊

    Yg penting halal!🎉

  4. Below 30k is already hotel price for 1000pax pm


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