Turi Beach Resort

Sunday, May 31, 2015

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This day last week I was at Turi Beach Resort and today I'm gonna blog all about it!

I guess apart from the fact that Nagoya Mall is a 35 mins drive away($30 cab ride to and fro, boohoo), we love everything about this place.We got the room that's facing the swimming pool, overlooking the beach. There's a jetty nearby which is a perfect place to take 9837384 pictures of ourselves. We had breakfast at one of their restaurants and it was really scrumy yummy in our bellies. How can anyone not love it here?

Oh wait I know who wouldn't. Those who can't live without internet cos surprise surprise..


The Secret Garden of Changdeokbung Palace

Friday, May 22, 2015

My last entry for my Seoul trip!!

On our second last day in Seoul, we stayed at a hanok in Insadong, which is just a ten minutes walk away from one of the most famous palaces in Seoul, the Changdeokgung Palace. Initially I wasn't too keen to visit yet another palace after the Gyeongbokgung Palace but my sister on the other hand insisted that we must add this into our itinerary because of the secret garden that lies behind this palace.

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 The Secret Garden, also known as Huwon, is such a beautiful place for people who appreciate history and would love to learn more about Korea imperial history. Also it's a heaven for camwhores! Babysis and I don't really belong to the former group of people but obviously we are very much the latter kind of people lol

Venue - (Sort of) Check!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Since we've decided to do a combined wedding, space is no doubt the most important factor in choosing our venue. Obviously the void deck can't make it to the list. Reason being #1. Space limitation considering the number of guests we're expecting #2 we live on the opposite side of the island so I'd rather save the time. Plus no aircon somemore lol. 

Some other considerations before deciding on the venue include its accessibility, whether or not it has ample parking or is cooking &washing on site is allowed and space for our family members to hang out cos I don't want seat hoggers who refuse to let other poor guests who just came have their seat.

Also I prefer NOT to have those MPHs with measurement marks on the floor. Major pet peeve!! My kareshi thought that it's weird. It's not ok! Please, somebody tell me I'm not the only one who thinks it is ugly. -_-

When we first met Uncle Lan from Comel Molek, he suggested a venue which is included in one of their packages. For a price of twenty something K, we will get this venue, decoration and catering provided by CM, free shuttle bus service from Boon Keng MRT, complimentary carpark for 15 guest (there's a multi-storey carpark next to it), complimentary sireh dara and wedding cake, prayer room, groom gets to use a Deluxe room for that day and lastly a two days one night stay with breakfast provided in that hotel.

Sounds good right? Naz and his wife were there with us as well and they too agreed that it's a great deal.

Come I show you some pictures of this place..............


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Right after my hot yoga class, I rushed back for a another much awaited event.

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Another one of my best friend got engaged!

When Lysa dropped the bombshell about this exciting news last month, our immediate reaction was "yes like FINALLY!?" I mean, her other half and her have been together for soooo~ long. On this special day, a hundred months to be exact, so I guess everyone is just as excited to see this lovebird tying the knot.

Okay so I just googled how many years is equivalent to 100 months. 8 years and 4 months!!!! *gulps*

My Must-Go Places To Eat in KL

Sunday, May 3, 2015

So... the school holiday is almost here (YEEEHAWW)! Knowing how much I love making plans to travel during this period, for the past few days everyone seems to be asking me the same old question.

"Where are you going next?"

If someone were to ask me that question like a year ago, I'd gladly answer with stars in my eyes. Cos seriously I don't remember a time that I don't make travel plans during the school break! But nowadays this question has become my least favourite because you knowww, wedding, house, saving up, priorities bleargh!

Anyway an ex colleague of mine asked me the same question a few days ago (probably like the 50th person already) and I told her maybe I'll just visit JB or KL. To which she replied:

"KL AGAIN? You went there five times last year still wanna go again? KL so boring what do you do there?"

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Excuse mua! KL is so not boring, okay?

Okay okay I admit once upon a time when people tell me they love KL I'd ask the same question too. But ever since my first visit last year I got hooked & I can't stop thinking about all the good food there omg

There's so many things to do in KL and one of it is to have a makan marathon! The one and only ultimate reason why I love love love KL so much and I don't mind making my way here even ten times in a year.

Today I will be sharing my personal must go places to eat while in KL, with pictures taken from my two trips back in November and December last year. I was in KL one week before and a week after my Seoul trip lol.

Well that's how much I love KL yknow?