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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Today, just like every other weekends, I was waiting and looking forward to see any updates from my vendors. This morning while I was taking a break from my gym session, I opened up my Facebook app and the first thing I saw is a picture posted by my deco team......

 photo CM_zpsmtu0w9ss.jpg

Totally knock my socks off & I was bouncing off the walls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who guess who??
Comel Molek, that's who!

In all honesty, I wasn't a fan of CM before this. When discussing about which deco to take up for our wedding, my first choice was Kasai Sayang but the kareshi had CM in mind. After comparing both their prices and going through 32472386 pictures of both companies, I personally thought that KS works of art look best only for their weddings held at void decks. As compared to their weddings held at a much bigger space, which somehow tend to look super bare hmmm. Since my wedding is not happening at a void deck or a MPH, so let's just forget about KS.

No doubt their work is simply impressive. One of their recent work that I super love.
I give my two thumbs and my ten toes up!!!

 photo ksss_zpsixkkxsw1.jpg  photo ks a_zpseecvaosz.jpg

Credits: Facebook

*insert mata loveloveeee*

So we had our first meeting with Uncle Lan from CM way back in February. He was very patient in answering all our queries and went through the do's and don'ts when choosing our vendors. He even suggested a venue for us which I am so in love with, but I shall save the details on that for the next wedding update post!

Meanwhile, please allow me to gush over these amazeballs works from CM. Suddenly so semangat and can't wait for my next meet up with Uncle Lan. Just thinking about it is giving me ants in my pants pls.

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zps5rarqafu.jpg




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