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Friday, April 24, 2015

Few weeks ago, I arranged for a food testing session at Woodlands CC with our numero uno choice for catering services. Since my parents are most concerned (and SO fussy) about this aspect of the wedding, I brought them along. We later found out that my dad is related to the bride's aunt lol what a small world!

So, we first met up with the sales manager Fariq, who briefed us about the different packages they provide and so on. After a what seems like forever Q&A session between my dad and Fariq, we entered the hall and I was in AWE............

Too pretty!

Before I blog any further I wish to claim that all the pictures used in this post do not belong to me and they are from (HERE). If it's not obvious enough from the link, well our chosen caterer is Puteri Wedding Services!

Some of the banquet spread for the day :

Their Live Stations, Mee Soto and Roti Jala.

Fruity Platter. Look at their crazily detailed presentation.  I love this one the most!!

& lastly their dessert corner.

Just look at all the good fooooood *salivating* For more pictures, click HERE.

Three days later we met Fariq again at his home and made our deposit! So happy to say that the three major items for the wedding are settled for now and Alhamdulillah they are all our number one choices. :D

Now the next thing to do is to hunt for a venue. We do have one in mind and since my busy bee boo is having his assignment there next month, I shall shamelessly attend the wedding just to check it out hehehe


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